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ashmei teamIt’s time for reflection, as the end of a very busy year at ashmei comes to a close. I’m extremely proud of the progress we have made in 2019. After working with the company since inception, in 2018 I was asked to lead the new generation of ashmei. In just 12 months we have achieved so much to stabilise our business in uncertain times, and create a sustainable model which can thrive going into 2020.

During the year, we have had some additions to our team while others have moved onto new adventures. Our very talented designer Lucy has moved to New Zealand and our much loved customer service manager Hester found a new challenge. We have welcomed Belle into the business, to lead our digital and social marketing efforts following a successful time at Strava. You will see much more of Belle through our social and customer interaction channels. We also welcome Raj, who will look to optimise our customer website journey, something we are aware needs lots of attention. Thank you for support and patience on this. We have moved into a new office just a mile down the road from our old premises which is now Musette Café – a cycle cafe stocking ashmei items. If you have the opportunity, please do pop in.

This year, we wanted to focus on building a more inclusive ashmei experience. Our products continue to perform at a consistently high level and we’re now looking to communicate clearer than ever, how sustainability and integrity work as core values here at ashmei. From our signature Merino Wool blend to the high quality and integrity of our partners and suppliers we want you to know we’re doing everything we can to make our products sustainable.

One of the business practices that I am most proud of is our stance on consistent, fair pricing and our anti-Black Friday campaign. We believe that variable pricing throughout the year is detrimental to brand trust. We work with our suppliers to find the highest quality performance solutions at a fair and stable price, and pass this directly onto the customer. Performance and quality at a fair price, all year round.

This year we focused on working with partners that aligned to our values. We now have retailers in eleven countries and will continue to develop this network with the addition of a wholesale manager, Andy, who came on board just last month. We welcome Andy to our expanding team. Our ambassador team, have been representing ashmei to the highest level across the globe, with ambassadors located across five countries. Thank you for your continued support, efforts and extra-ordinary athletic abilities.

In 2020, a new year and a new decade too, we will be expanding our Run and Cycle collections whilst also introducing more Outdoor, Fitness and Lifestyle products, all with the same performance, quality and style. We are planning the launch of version III of Domestique Gin with our friends at Campfire Gin and also have an ashmei Run Event in the works.

I had better draw this, and 2019, to a close by saying a huge thank you to all of you who have supported ashmei since our inception nine years ago. I hope you agree that we have a lot to look forward to in the new era of ashmei.

Many thanks

4 thoughts on “ashmei in 2019

  1. Looking forward to some more running gear specifically designed for warmer climates, maybe? Of all your gear over the last few years, it’s the T-shirt, running vest & trainer socks I’m getting the most usage out these days, as I’m spending increasing amounts of time in Asia and Australia… now I just need some lightweight shorts and I’m good ?

  2. I revisited running – after a break of 15 or so years – rather self consciously after my Mum died in 2009. I kept at it and after a year or so told myself that if I managed to pretend to be a proper runner long enough and lost a few pounds, I could treat myself to some Ashmei gear. Needless to say I have a drawer full of the stuff and when I took up cycling too in early 2019 it was your clobber I turned to to help make it comfy. Love your work. Good luck through the next decade.

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