Loved to bits

Don't let good clothing go to waste

ashmei is dedicated to producing sustainable performance clothing - but it’s not a mission that ends once the clothes arrive with our customers. Whether your clothing has taken a tumble or just tangled with your washing machine, if it’s fixable our complimentary repair service will return it to a usable condition.

In terms of environmental impact, the best garment is an old garment. So if there’s something we’ve made that can be fixed and put back into service we’re happy to help that happen – free of charge.

Until recently ashmei’s Managing Director, Elliot Welland, personally worked on the two or three repairs that arrived each week. Yet as our customer base has grown we’ve needed to expand.

This hasn't been easy - the technical nature of our garments requires a specific skillset that made the search for the perfect candidate a surprisingly lengthy process. Luckily we now have Jo, an incredibly experienced seamstress with a background in technical sportswear. With skills beyond simple stitching, she’s able to achieve repairs involving bonding and other processes commonly used across our ranges.

Warranty and repair

Backed by extensive warranties as standard, it’s not that we expect our clothing to fail. But if a seam splits or a line of stitching pulls through on an item several years after its purchase we’re more than happy to remedy the situation. At the same time, accidental tears or other damage can frequently be made good, ensuring you and your clothes enjoy as many seasons together as possible.

Loved To Bits

Founded in 2011, ashmei has always built its clothes to be as durable as possible. Yet after almost a decade of service, some early garments will now be reaching the end of their usable lifespan. This is why we originally introduced our Loved To Bits offer.

If your ashmei product has been worn beyond the point of repair, we’ll provide a 50% discount on its replacement. Of course, we’re not talking about things that have just sat in a draw, rather items that have been loved and used day-in-day-out through all kinds of conditions.

Crash replacement that’s half as painful

Because running and cycling aren’t activities without risk, we also have a similar offer in place in case of accident damage. Making being involved in a crash or tumble marginally less painful, we’ll again replace any irreparably damaged items at half their retail cost.

It's all part of ashmei’s commitment to helping its athletes in both their sporting endeavours and their efforts to support the planet.

How it works

If you have an item that needs repairing, or would like to request a crash replacement, please send a photo of your item to and we’ll talk you through the process.


Now, show us where you’ve been

There is nothing we find more rewarding than seeing well worn ashmei pieces - please do share your loved items of ashmei clothing, as well as feedback on how we can make our garments last longer. If you have something to show or tell us, please send us an email at