Loved to Bits

In February 2019, we launched Loved to Bits. An opportunity for our customers to tell some of the stories of them and their ashmei kit. The response has been overwhelming, and in turn here we are sharing their stories with you.

My Japan – Travelling with ashmei – Ming

Hello everyone, This is Ming-Ying Wu from Taiwan, today I want to share my story with Ashmei. In the last year, I had a bicycle trip with my friend in Shimanami Kaido. “Shimanami Kaido” is one of the most famous bikeway across the Seto inland sea which connects Imabari city to Onomichi in Japan (Kaido means the way of the sea). The length of 70km bikeway that attracts cyclists from many countries, everyone is excited about the impressive sights, including us. Furthermore, CNN also introduce it as “one of the world’s most incredible bike routes”.
We had a wonderful week in this bicycle paradise. There are beautiful bays, authentic fishing village scenery, stately temples and shrines, friendly people, delicious oranges and rich seafood.
But here is unlike Taiwan, the temperature dropped very low in autumn for us. In the chilly season, the cyclists are most afraid of being knocked down by the cold wind. So how do we conquer the coldness is very import issue. So we choose the Merino wool jersey and base layer, and the soft shell waterproof jacket. Merino can get warm for a long time, and the special textile layer can help the body to quickly remove water, keep it dry.
High-performance cycling clothing can let us stop at any time to enjoy the scenery, fight the bad weather, and don’t worry about my odour of sweaty in the restaurant. Just riding a bike and enjoying this happy trip.

Follow Ming’s adventures here


Wonderful Softshell – Robin

The garment I loved the most but has now come to the end of its life is both the run and bike softshell jacket. They absolutely perform wonderful. Protect you from wind and light rain, while not making you feeling soaked due to generating too much heat (as the typical large consumer brands do). But it also prevents me from getting cold in case I run into a friend midway and have a chat.

Merino Sock – Patrick

I knew that the material was wearing thin, this didn’t stop me always reaching for them when it was time to ride.
If it was to be an epic day I always need them.
If it was to be a non epic day I always needed them.
It was the heal that went first. Thin, thin, thinner and then I could see my finger skin through them.
Still they hung on in there. The whole growing and growing with every ride.
The time came when there was no heal left.
Bin time.
I don’t think so. They have had their final wash and now sit at the back of my draw. There to always remind me of those memorable rides. Much like those memories sit at the back of my mind.
When I glance at them in the draw I can’t help but smile..
So good I bought another pair of ashmei socks.

Six Year Softshell – Michael

The garment I loved the most but has now come to the end of its life is my soft-shell running jacket. This was my very first Ashmei purchase, and it has been my faithful guardian over … well, quite a few seasons! I’m guessing at least six… though for the intensive use it’s had, it’s wearing its age really well!
Even now, after so many years, I still feel great heading out in my white jacket, feeling like an icon of virtue! (As far from the truth this may be… ;^) ) This is my favourite jacket from November to March (and often in the summer when I paraglide) because I love the combination of merino and soft-shell that gives just the right balance of wind/cold protection and flexibility/breathability. And it fits like it was made for me…
(Looking at it, I have to admit – after 5 or 6 years of loving, it’s still in amazing shape! Probably one of the best-made running garments I’ve ever had! The thumb-holes are fraying, and the back is a bit nubby, but other than that…!)

Hooded Sweatshirt Tales – Torbjörn

I bought the Ashmei Hooded Sweatshirt 2012. When I think back, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in this sweater.
When I go for a run, and it is between October and March, I wear this sweater. It makes no difference if it is 5 degrees or -15 degrees. I just put on a pair of gloves, a neck gaiter and a beanie if it is cold. The clothes on the upper body stays the same. The hood and mittens also helps on really cold days.
There are times when I can’t use it, it might be due to washing day or running at work. But when I wear something else, I always miss it. Other sweaters are not as comfortable.
Sadly my loved sweater is getting old. The material gets a bit thinner, and the arms becomes a bit longer every year. My wife is also getting a bit tired of always seeing the same outfit, either on me or hanging in the garden to refresh…

Beanie for Life – Anon

The garment I loved the most but has now come to the end of its life is….. my Ashmei beanie, I’ve had it for at least 6 years, and from Oct to Apr every year it comes out on every run. I love it but it’s stretched now and no longer as comfortable as it once was… still doesn’t smell though

Running in the South Down – Anon

The garment I loved the most but has now come to the end of its life is….. long sleeved running jersey.
It is my go to piece for running but also for comfort at home when I want to be cosy and comfortable. Unfortunately my wife has said no more as it has literally been worn to death and has gone to clothing heaven. A wonderful top and very sad to see it go. I run mainly on my own. Lots of trail running as live on South Downs. Sorry no photos. It wore out down the centre front and back – it looked laddered and then became a hole. Have a hooded top too which is great but currently just keeping me warm while recovering from cruciate knee issues.

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