Nigel Gaskin highest ranked age group Brit in ITU World Aquathlon Champs in Denmark

So this week I took on the best athletes in the world – racing them in the ITU World Aquathlon Champs in Middlefart, Denmark. As a reminder, the Aquathlon is a 1km open water swim followed by a 5km run. Worth adding here that one of those athletes in my age group was an ex-Olympian!

Right now I’m have mixed feelings. Part of me wants to be celebrate and the other part wants to curl up and hide.

Nigel exited the water in 2nd position

The race was tough going from the beginning, punched, kicked and jellyfish everywhere! I was stung so many times across the face, the pain was incredible! But I knew I had to battle on and swim hard to get to the front with the leading swimmers.

Take a look at that pain face, jellyfish stings all across my nose, cheeks, lips and chin.

I managed to do just that and recorded the 2nd fastest swim in my age group, putting me in 2nd position for the run.

Fastest GBR athlete in the 40-44 age group

However exiting T1 I felt so sick, I just couldn’t turn on the power I know I have, my legs were dead! I then dropped three places on the run to finish 5th in my 40 – 44 age group. However, I was the fastest GBR athlete!

I hear you ask…why? For those who know me you’ll also know I always feel I could have done better.

Nigel finished as top Brit in 5th place

I just really wanted that podium finish.

That said, off the back of this result I have also pre qualified to race in the 2019 World Aquathlon Championships in Pontevedra, Spain.

But, for now – 5th fastest athlete in the world and fastest GBR athlete isn’t a bad achievement.



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