ashmei’s purpose is to create timeless performance clothing that provides good value because of how long it lasts, not because of how much it is discounted.

We are committed to making things better, through our products AND through our actions. ashmei is a small independent company and as a manufacturer of apparel cannot be perfect. But by committing to our principals of making more sustainable, long-lasting athletic clothing we can make a difference. Yet there is always more that we can do.

That’s why we’ve partnered with 1% For The Planet, joining a wider community of businesses and organisations who have pledged to do what they can to preserve the environments in which we live, work and play.

Change of this scale requires a collective effort and 1% for the Planet brings like-minded businesses and communities together to create positive change – it’s members have donated over $265 million to environmental causes.

Giving a percent of revenue as opposed to profit means giving with commitment to take action. Being a 1% for the planet member verifies this accountability and gives our customers transparency to our commitment of giving.