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Mens Cycle Bib Short v.3


Providing exceptional levels of water and wind resistance, yet without the bulky appearance or feel, our Bib Short should be the first piece of kit in the bag when you are taking on epic rides.  And they don’t come more iconic in the UK than the Applecross Peninsula, a gruelling 60-miler through Wester Ross in Scotland.  Here, you can push the Bib Shorts hard through the longest climb in the land – Bealach na Bà – surrounded by the rugged and desolate glory of the Highlands.

In such terrain, you will come to appreciate our bespoke high-density foam chamois for the great comfort it brings over such distances. The chamois is also ideal if you are riding over the course of a week as the high density foam doesn’t absorb moisture like traditional foam pads. This means you can wash your bibs at the end of a hard day’s ride and in the morning it will be ready to roll after a quick air. This drastically reduces the chance of saddle sores. What’s more, the ultra-stretch woven microfibre construction will keep you dry from within. It draws sweat away from the skin and dissipates moisture through the outer surface. The comfort story does not end there. Instead of tight grippers cutting into your quads, we prefer a laser cut leg cuff to keep everything in place. It’s the little detail that counts in our eyes.

Stuart, the founder of ashmei, adds: “We chose the woven microfibre over a traditional knit, in order to bolster the stretch content. The issue with knitted structures is the volume of stretch that you can engineer into the fabric. This is why regular bibs have a gripper band to hold the hem in place, but if this doesn’t fit 100% perfectly it either allows air to billow up the legs or acts as a tourniquet that can make your thigh muscle fatigue faster.”


  • Race fit, water and wind-resistant microfibre fabric
  • Bespoke high density foam chamois
  • Precision laser cut leg cuff
  • Signature, reflective ashmei front print for high visibility


  • Microfibre ultra stretch fabric
  • Lightweight, high performance – 155g
  • Durable Water Repellent finish
  • Super compressive, aero fit


  • Fabric: 53% Polyamide, 47% Elastane
  • Machine wash cool 30°C
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach

30 reviews for Mens Cycle Bib Short v.3

  1. Gil Crawford

    I received my new bibshorts on Saturday and went out immediately. I normally wear Assos F1 Mille bibshorts. Yours are more comfortable. There is much less bulk in the pad. There is a marked compression effect when you put them on, but this disappears instantly. They’re great. I’ll definitely recommend them to my friends.

  2. Paul

    I was very excited to try these shorts, the lack of seams and grippers sounded ideal. When you first put them on, they’re truly race cut and a snug fit, once on the bike the pad only sits where you sit, no bunching or excessive padding. The lack of grippers is truly a liberating experience and found myself on more than one occasion checking I wasn’t naked from the waist down. These bibs are head and shoulders above any shorts I’ve previously owned and I have quite a few high shorts by Rapha, Castelli, Giordana, Assos, Santini,Extenondo, Kalas. In my opinion you should have at least one really good pair of shorts for those epic rides and these are just those shorts and worth every penny, an absolute game changer

  3. Mike R

    Broke into the piggy bank and splashed out on a pair of these ?ber expensive bib shorts. First impressions… Sounds like you are encased in a brown paper bag with all the fabric rustle noise! Comfortable enough but being a rather big chap I could do with more room in the crotch dept. thus avoiding checking that my cycle top is pulled down when stopped for a refreshment. The overall view is, to me, rather effeminate with the upper mesh fabric coupled with the black shoulder straps, so best to keep a top on at all costs. All in all, quite a good product , well tailored and good padding.

  4. David Laing

    These are a departure from the standard bib shorts and take a little getting used to. Out of the box, the fabric is luxurious and the lack of leg grippers makes them incredibly comfortable. I normally wear an Assos large and these now fit perfectly. The first time I wore them, the straps felt too short, but as promised by Ashmei, they loosen up after a couple of washes and now feel spot on. The chamois is very different to any other shorts I?ve tried. Again it took a little getting used to but it stays exactly where you want it and that combined with the lack of seams makes these the most comfortable shorts I?ve ever tried. I loved the Assos S5?s but the S7?s don?t work for me, so these have become my default short. Highly recommended.

  5. Peter Ward

    So I needed a new pair of bib shorts and my first big decision was size (L/XL) as I am a former “Clydesdale”. I opted for the L in the end. The shorts feel tight off the bike, but far more comfortable on the bike. I had the following concerns:

    – Padding: The minimal, new style padding works
    – Material: The material feels thin/stretchy/strange but it works
    – Styling: The cut around the bottom of the thighs excludes grippers, but they stayed in place
    – Waterproofing: Yes, I spilt my gel and it ?beaded? very nicely and wasn?t absorbed by the material

    The biggest advantage however, is in the compression afforded around the thighs. Post ride, my legs are not nearly as tired as they would have been normally. This is a major upside that is worth paying for.

    Overall, the ashmei Bib Shorts are firmly recommended. I?m a very satisfied customer.

  6. stephen

    The BEST bib shorts I have ever ridden in. The pad inside the bib shorts works really well and offers far superior comfort to any of my Rapha or Assos bibs and it stays dry too. The fabric is very tight and felt a little but uncomfortable on the first ride but after a couple of rides and washes loosened up just like I was told they would. There is no sticky grippy tape on the legs like all my other bib shorts and because the fabric is so stretchy it fits the thigh perfectly and feels great to ride in. Expensive but well worth the money. These shorts are by far the best on the market.

  7. Thomas

    Amazing shorts. When I purchased them I was warned they would take some time to “break in” and the guy at ashmei I spoke to was correct. The first ride in these felt completely different to my rides now after I have washed and riden then for a couple of weeks. The fabric feels like paper and I was sceptical to understand how this would work but once you have them on you can’t feel the material at all. It blocks the cold and the bibs are much warmer than my Castelli leg warmers when match together. The wind isn’t allowed to pass through the material so you stay nice and warm. Rain, sleet and snow simply beads off the fabric.
    They are cut slightly high at the front which is lovely as it helps to slim my 40 something belly.
    On the bottom of the legs is a lack of that grippy elastic so they have a very aero look and feel. The great thing is, they simply stay in place without it so not only do you get a super neat finish but you also don’t get the pinch the elastic grippy stuff usually gives you.
    The pad inside the bibs is again, amazing. Very lightweight and minimal but very supportive too. It feels as comfortable after a long ride as the minute you sit on the saddle.
    Very expensive but worth every single penny. I have over 5 bib shorts from Castelli, Assos and Rapha and these have replaced them all. If you are looking for the best bib shorts that offer the most comfort then these are them. Great work ashmei.

  8. Steve Rosser

    The bib shorts are fantastic. They feel very comfortable, especially in the important places! I’ve had Skins and Castelli before and these are far superior… I thought they were a bit shy, size wise at first, but settled into them quickly and in fact love the close firm feel to them.
    The understated graphics are great. I am very pleased with them…

  9. David Dimston

    Until I tried these bib shorts my collection of “go to” shorts had shrunk to just my Assos and Rapha shorts. The rest just were relegated to the back of my closet. So now I have the Ashmei, I am so far quite happy with them, surprised that the padding and fabric are as comfortable as they are. I love the fabric, it feels like a second skin and the padding is nice too.

    If there are two improvements I would suggest they would be some sort of pocket in the back (small of back) or upper front (above the hip) to hold a phone or whatever. Also more reflective bands on the buttocks, big yellow ones so vehicles can see me better. Fashionable? Who knows? Alive? yes!

  10. John Crothers

    A race short you can do a 100 mile sportive in, the compression is excellent but not restrictive, the pad has two shock absorbers at your sit bones making them a lot less bulky but still comfortable cleverly they have removed part off the pad round the front so you aren’t compressing every thing and they are very water resistant would definitely recommend. Might even have to get the three season jersey

  11. Mark Macleod

    Just wanted to write to say how amazing my ashmei bibshorts are. Right from the first wear through now to 90km rides, the fit and a comfort have been peerless. I could hardly believe how little they weighed when I picked them up and you hardly know you’re wearing them. I wind resistance is first rate and I can well believe the waterproofing will be excellent when I encounter my first shower. I have Rapha, assos, sport full and parentini shorts and these easily best them all. In terms of sizing I got the large and I’m tall & slim – 194cm, 76kg, 33in waist. Simply superb.

  12. John Hufton

    The Bib shorts are also understated with a classic style. The materials feel very different to any other shorts I own but comfortable against the skin.
    The first couple of times I wore these shorts they felt a bit of a tight fit and the compressing nature of the material and design were slightly too much for my liking.
    But on advice from the Ashmei team I persevered and after a couple more rides and washes they seem to loosen a little and ‘bed in’ to your shape and have become very comfortable.
    They still feel different from the other brands of shorts I own and hold you quite firmly with a gentle compression sensation but are very comfortable for all day rides.

    The materials have some other benefits, the shorts are wind resistant but also repel water. They are not waterproof but the rain from a shower just beads up and rolls off. Heavy rain gets through but the wind proof material hold off the chill also helped by the material not holding the water and drying very quickly. All unexpected pluses.
    The chamois/pad I find is always a very personal thing (just like saddles). For me the pad is a good shape and thickness giving some cushioning but not too thick, so you can still feel the saddle position is right. Also due to the snug fit of the shorts the pad stays put as you move around on the saddle which kept things comfortable

    Having washed and worn these shorts many times now they are very comfortable even for very long days in the saddle, no chafing or rubbing from edges or seams. The over shoulder bib straps hold their shape and are soft and comfortable with no pressure points.

    These shorts are not a small investment price wise but are well made, very comfortable and justify the price tag if you are at all serious about your cycling.

  13. John Graham

    Purchased these shorts a couple of months ago and have ridden in them weekly – very impressed, super comfortable yet have a great race fit. The pad is the best i have experienced in competitor shorts by far. The shorts material feels strange to the touch at first, almost a paper effect yet when on, the fit and feel is just perfect, very natural and looks good. Washing and continued use is not showing any signs of wear in the shorts yet. One small point is I find the bib braces over the shoulders a degree less comfortable than my Castelli/Assos or Velocio bib shorts – they move around on my shoulders more than i would like.

  14. Simon

    These bib shorts are brilliant. I have worn Rapha bib shorts for many years, but these bibs are another level above in terms of performance. Compression is really good and consistent throughout the garment, and the pad is really comfortable. Don’t be deterred by the feel of the bibs or the rustling noise they make when the shorts are new. After a few rides the bib shorts seem to loosen up and with the heat of the body they ‘quieten down’ and don’t sound like you are cycling with shorts made from paper !! I will definitely be purchasing another pair.

  15. Julian Innes

    I have retired recently and have been able to up my miles a bit whilst training for a five and half day charity cycle. I have been doing a fair bit on the turbo as well. My go to shorts have been Assos so it took me a while to get to the point of paying for these, as at £235 they are not cheap. I was getting cycle sores so tried Rapha, Endura and Castelli. None of them made any difference to me as I got the feeling the pads were sliding or moving on me. I did my research and read all the reviews on Ashmei after it popped up on Facebook. When these shorts arrived they did feel very different, similar to a brown paper bag. I bought a large to match my 5’10 with a 34 waist. Not the easiest to get on first time around as they were very snug. From the first ride they have felt brilliant. No hint of rubbing or chaffing. The pad seems to fit me perfect and is the most comfortable I ridden. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they seem to get.

    The interactive chat has been excellent too. The members of staff are interested in you as an individual and represent the brand very well. It is a nice wee personal touch.

    If you are in any doubt about buying these, don’t be. Not only are they brilliant, I think the comfort they provide is worth the money.

  16. HL

    My first bib short and it’s totally awesome. Feels tight when I first put it on but when I started riding the sensation was gone. I didn’t feel any discomfort after my first 45 miles ride and will soon use it for my first century ride. I’m 5’8″ with 29-30″ waist and the fit is perfect. Highly recommend!

  17. Steven Korff

    Brilliant bibshorts. Spot on in all departments. I will never wear or look at Rapha again. These are so far superior to other makers and designers. Purchased 3 pairs. Thank you Ashmei

  18. Gary S

    These bib shorts were my first piece from ashmei and they’ve more than met expectations. Having read several online magazine reviews prior to purchase, I was expecting really high compression with the caveat that after a few rides/washes the material would relax a bit, so bear with. My v3’s felt perfect the first moment I pulled them on, an ideal and perfectly comfortable level of compression. I queried this with Ashmei – as in shouldn’t the compression level initially be really high? Apparently the cut in v3 has been adjusted to make them comfortable straight from the get go, also, the pad has been softened slightly to be more comfortable from the start compared to v1 & v2, no wearing in period needed. No word of these tweaks on their website, so worth mentioning. I’ve worn and washed the shorts half a dozen times and the fit and feel is just the same as I first experienced. I’m coming back to cycling after a 15 year break and not having to buy apparel to fit in with a history of purchases got me thinking that maybe I can justify spending out on a few quality, but more versatile pieces. These bib shorts feel every bit a premium product and even without Ashmei leg warmers I’ve worn them down to 6 degrees. Coupled with 3 Season leg warmers I’m confident that I’ll have no need for anything else in lower temps still. Not worn the bibs in properly wet conditions yet but looking forward to seeing how they perform in the rain. Never thought I’d say that about shorts. The personal level of assistance received before, during, and after purchase has reinforced the all round feel good vibe of going with ashmei. Pull the trigger, these bibs look and feel great, they are an experience!

  19. william.dove

    I have ridden in V1 shorts now for 12 months. They are a great product and I love the technology, especially being waterproof. I originally bought large and they felt very tight, so exchanged to XL. Ashmei recommended I stay with L and wear them in. The XL felt spot on to start with, but now after significant use are slightly to large. Ashmei were correct. The pad is OK for me, comfortable but not perfect. This is a personal thing and probably a reflection of my date and not the pad. I plan to buy another pair.

  20. Luca Perini

    I am Italian so for me cycling apparel means Castelli. I got the opportunity to try Ashmey bibshorts and I have been amazed about everything of this piece of sportswear art. The fit is perfect and the pad has no rivals at all. At least a couple of color version and maybe a lighter version (why not cheaper?) for hot days will be beneficial

  21. Glenn Ziemski

    When you first get these the thin crinkley material is a bit scary but once you put them on you’ll see they just disappear which is what a good pair of bibs should do. The pad is very comfortable yet you don’t get that full diaper feeling when off the bike. I’m only a few rides into them so I can’t speak to their longevity.

  22. Jochim

    After reading a couple of positive reviews I pulled the trigger and ordered these bib shorts. They are truly amazing and the best I’ve ever had. The material feels a little paper-like at first but extremely comfortable when worn, tight but not confining. The pad is second to none. It stays dry and it’s really the first one for me that doesn’t cause any problems. If you can spare the money, these are the shorts to go for.

  23. Ben

    I’ve now done quite a few 100+ mike rides in these and overall quite impressed. The fabric is great – water and wind resistant but still cool enough to wear in the summer. The chamois absorbs very little moisture, which I think is more important than padding to reduce saddle sores on multi-day rides. The only slight negative is the shape of the pad – it has two thicker circular areas for sit bone cushioning but they are small and for me in the wrong position (I have quite wide sitbones) so not quite as comfortable as they could be. For this price Ashmei should offer two different pad widths. If they do that in future I would buy another pair.

    Overall a good bib short and on the shortlist for the Silk Road Mountain Race this summer.

  24. vuyyuru4

    Having been impressed by Ashmei’s LS Jersey I was keen to round off the kit with these bibshorts, only one kind is available. The material is unique, that is ‘papery’, but has stretch and is somewhat compressive. The material is wind and water resistant with a substantial chamois that is well suited to long days in the saddle. The bibshort is expensive but seems to have ‘covered all the bases’ so that no other is required, so the price is justified and are certainly recommended. I use kit from the ‘top’ brands, but these are clearly the best and the most thought out.

  25. jonathon.simmons

    I’ve only two rides of about 20 miles each on these bibs. But one was on a truly horrible route (bumps, wooden slat bridges, etc.). The pad is the equal of the Castelli Progetto, which is a high standard in my book. The fabric is truly unique. Others here have described it better than I possibly could. But, it’s the straps that stand out. I’ve never felt (or rather not felt) a more comfortable strap. It’s dry here in California for the next 6 months, so tests of wet weather and cold will have to wait. But, I’m very impressed so far. I could see myself buying a second pair.

  26. Tom Baker

    Onto my second pair of ashmei bibs now as V1 were so good. As many of the reviews above say, get through the initial weird feeling and you won’t find a better bib. Great fit with a good amount of compression in a pair of bibs that’ll be comfortable on the longest of rides

  27. Andreas

    Bought the bib shorts after very positive experience with ashmei running kit. — I’m 180cm, 76kg (waist 32in) and went for an M after consulting with ashmei customer service. Having read the various comments, I did expect a tight fit and noticeable compression. Which is what happend, sort of like pulling on regular socks vs. compression socks. Once put on, the fit was great and I liked the (noticeable) compression a lot. My first ride was 40k in pouring rain, 12deg. C, windy. Miserable conditions and the shorts performed admirably: almost waterproof, and most importantly the padding felt good throughout. Can’t comment on long-term durability/waterproofing. Overall so far 5/5 stars, will be my new go-to-shorts, replacing Assos Equipe.

  28. Philipp St.John-Stevens

    “Probably….the best cycling shorts in the word” -( moved from Assos), just unbelievable, just rode London 100 – first 3 hours in the rain, the pad never felt like soggy nappy, , legs dry – just wonderful, would not have believed how comfortable in the rain, then they just dried almost instantly, how, I don’t know !!!!

  29. Steve Webber

    After much deliberation about 7 weeks ago I decided to invest in a pair of Ashmei bib shorts. I have ridden in them 3 or 4 times a week so approx 25 times. I am 34″ waist, 6’2″ tall, and 80kg and purchased an XL which fit perfectly. As with all the other reviews at first the feel of the material is quite different however after a couple of rides you soon get used to the unique feel. The shorts are highly compressive, and extremely light. My inside leg is 35″ and being critical I would have preferred the legs to be an inch or two longer. Sadly the only complaint I have with these otherwise excellent shorts has been with the lettering. After about 10 rides I noticed that one of the ashmei letters had started to peel away from the material. I have spoken to ashmei who asked for a photo showing the problem. They have said they are happy to have a look at them if I return them. On the down side that would mean being without them for a while so I guess I may just have to buy another pair! In summary: Great material, great fit, highly compressive, water resistant, breathable, light, expensive. (Hope they can sort out the very annoying peeling letter).

  30. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great bib shorts. Very comfortable and work superbly with the leg warmers. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

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