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Mens Run Long Sleeve Classic Jersey



  • Highly breathable, fast wicking Merino blend
  • Fast drying, easy care
  • Rear headphone cable locator
  • Zipped pockets for run essentials and valuables
  • Built in mitts


  • MERINO + CARBON with 37.5® Technology fabric
  • Lightweight, high performance – 199g
  • YKK® Reverse Coil #3 Zipper
  • Sun protection of UPF 50+


  • 65% Merino Wool, 35% 37.5® Polyester
  • Cool wash at 30C
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not tumble dry

We have always fancied running the Midnight Sun Marathon in the Norwegian city of Tromsø. Call us dreamers if you like, but we believe that there is no better time and setting than June and the Arctic Circle to really put our Classic Long Sleeve Jersey through its paces. This is thanks to its brilliant thermo regulation properties, so whether you are running, skiing and just generally enjoying the Great Outdoors, it won’t let you down.

The Jersey is made with our signature MERINO + CARBON blend, which is tailor-made for high intensity activity. Working out in the fabric will ensure your core body temperature remains regulated – keeping you warm or cool depending on what’s happening. There’s more – it wicks moisture away from your body, dries incredibly quickly and is also anti-odour.

Although you won’t need it in the land of the midnight Sun, the Jersey features a half zip with reflective detailing for hi-visibility running in night-time conditions. It also comes with a rear headphone cable locator and a secure zipped pocket for small run essentials.

Rob, our resident runner, says: “Supreme versatility are the two words I would use for this piece. Let me explain: if you run, ride, ski, walk, travel and generally like to look and feel fresh and comfortable then this is the one for you. No weather seems to trouble this Jersey. When worn against the skin on early spring morning runs I would need nothing else. For those colder, dark winter nights, I would pair it with a Gilet – and that is me done. Oh, and the new feature of the hidden mitt built into the cuff is pure genius”

16 reviews for Mens Run Long Sleeve Classic Jersey

  1. per

    Amazing running jersey! It is fantastic in both cold and hot weather.
    I ran Trans Cran Canaria, 126 km, and this jersey kept me warm at night, in the rain and when the wind was blowing. It was actually great even when there were 30C in the sun.
    This jersey is a must have for every long distance runner!
    In my opinion, it is the best running jersey in the World!

    – Per Olesen from Denmark

  2. Aristotle

    Stylish, incredibly comfortable, and technically versatile, the jersey combines function with style effortlessly. I was impressed with how light it felt, how it adapted to changing weather patterns and temperature, and how it absorbed perspiration.
    I tend to run in the morning and because I travel a lot, I am confronted with very different weather conditions. This is why I rate the versatility of this jersey so highly.
    In addition, for me style and design is a matter of personal empowerment. I run better and find running more fun when I am comfortable in an outfit that makes me feel well – before, during, and after the run. I know that this is not as important to others but it is to me. I love the styling and attention to detail. As a friend of mine said when they saw the jersey, it looks effortlessly timeless and quietly, subtly premium. Less is more indeed. My only minor gripe concerns the side pocket for the phone – a nice detail but I did feel that the phone was moving a bit inside it. I suppose I will have to try it with the waterproof case to see if this makes any difference.
    Very highly recommended for its technical and design features, I think that the Ashmei jersey is the product of care and careful thinking on a wide range of issues – from style to performance to packaging to sustainability.

  3. Andy Wilson

    What I like best about the long sleeve jersey is first and foremost how it performs it’s worm enough for even cold winter runs but still cool enough with the sip down for even summer runs I had all my PBs wearing the top this summer

    The other thing that’s great as it looks great esp in black I have a red one to but the black is my favourite it’s also got a wee stash for some energy gels for the longer runs all in all my favourite running top of all time.

  4. Andrew Jeffs

    Great product!! As a self confessed sweaty man I have been looking for a long sleeved winter running top which doesn’t feel like running in a plastic bag and now I have one. Thank you ashmei!

    P.S. On the next version, please can you put tags on the zips so I can grab them with gloves on. Thanks again!

  5. Fran?ois

    The first impression made by this jersey when you receive it is the different fabric. It just doesn’t feel like the usual synthetic fabric, and it’s hard not to think “it’s going to feel hot !”. It’s not my first ashmei product, I have a jacket, but this is the first full merino item that I have. But what matters really is how it feels when I run in it, more than the initial impression. The jersey is very versatile, and will adapt to a quite wide range of temperatures. I often wear it under a jacket, or sometimes alone. I never did feel too hot in it. In fact, it’s the kind of gear that you don’t think about once you are wearing it : that’s the best possible compliment.

    The only negative remark that I could have (but it’s more a personal preference) is that I would like it to cover a little bit more my neck.

    Note: I feel that it’s a bit smaller than the jackets. I ordered a size M for both, and while the jacket is a perfect tight fit, I feel that the jersey is a bit too small. I’m just in between those sizes (39′ size chest).

  6. Joshua

    I brought this jersey not that long ago , and wear it under the Ashmei jacket. Works perfectly.
    I wore it on it’s own for the first time last night and the evening are getting very cold down here but wanted to see how it holds up.
    And it did it’s job, kept me warm and comfortable for the whole run even when I got caught out at the end by the rain on the way back and ended up soaked though.
    Not a lot I can add that hasn’t been said already by the previous reviews but highly recommend this product.

  7. Neil Looker

    Absolutely perfect for the Brentwood half marathon which is typically early spring as this top allows you to keep warm across the breezy countryside but equally keeps you cool into the last 2 miles as the spring sun adds to the challenge. This product is essential for spring training.

  8. Richard Baker

    Really impressed with this product and can backup all the excellent feedback given above. The fit is excellent, it’s lighweight & yet it keeps you warm even in some of the sub zero temperatures I’ve been running in here in the UK this winter. I’ve been that impressed that I’m now planning on ordering the new hoody as well. Thanks Ashmei.

  9. Malcolm Leece

    I read all of the other reviews and thought that they were a little exaggerated, but having the worn the top for almost all my runs for the last few weeks I can confirm they are all correct. It’s now my go to top for my runs.

    The top fits quite small for me, I ordered a medium (I’m 6ft and weigh 73kg) so I think I may order a large next time. However I can not fault it’s performance it has kept my warm during some chilly evening runs when worn without any other layers.

    The ordering and delivery process was pretty damn quick too.

  10. Robert Kane

    When stuck between two layers and a T-shirt on those cooler mornings (5-8Deg C) this is a cracking option. Used for running and cycling (Under Jacket) and found to be very light, comfortable with superb wicking properties. It even looks good when sitting enjoying a , mid ride, coffee. I am 5′ 8″ , 70Kg and chose the Medium. I find it to be a perfect fit. I have a short sleeve and a hoodie from Ashmei and they all work brilliantly. Although expensive I’ve always found their goods to be hard wearing, easy maintained (I don’t wash them very often 🙂 )) and eye catching.

  11. Tom Baker

    Have often headed out for a run with this jersey thinking “I’m going to be a bit cold” but time after time I’ve been proven wrong. The thumb loops in the sleeve provide enough cover for your knuckles when you first get going and everything is a bit fresh, but you’ll soon be slipping them off when your up to speed and into the swing of it. I layer up with the T-shirt when it gets colder and find it to be a great combo. Love the red and it still looks as bright as the day i bought it.

  12. carl.peter

    Wow, what a great piece of kit, I can wear this under a lightweight waterproof jacket and still remain warm and dry even on a cold, wet run.

    Very impressive and a good investment. I will be looking at the other products in the range as well.

  13. Paul Morley

    After a winter’s running I can say this is a quality garment, the thought of wearing which makes getting out the door easier in adverse weather. My only suggestion would be lightweight pit zips.

  14. Huib

    I love merino shirts for cycling, running and traveling and tried shirts in different price ranges in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, merino seems to have a price. In my own experience the cheaper shirts experience less quality and portability (itching, stiff material or strange fit). I was attracted to the design but never wore Ashmei because it is in a higher price range and I have to order it online without first being able to fit it. Last sale I decided to try it out and bought a SL baselayer and a LS sweater. I used both shirts several times during a 10k run and they met my expectations. It was windy but not cold (10?C) and I wore both shirts, which was perfect. Without wind, only the sweater is sufficient. I measure 5ft8 and bought a medium that fits perfectly because the base layer is slightly tighter. The collar zipper is a good feature for more ventilation, but although it is not a big problem, the plastic end pieces tend to hit my chin. After my runs I rolled up my running clothes, went home and noticed that the shirts were only slightly damp when I hung them to dry. After 4 runs the shirts still do not smell, but now they ended up in the laundry. In the future I will try the lite-jacket and the running short.

  15. Sanjay

    I purchased the long sleeve jersey as a bundle with the 2 in 1 shirts. First impressions are how light and soft the material is. I’ve worn it on a number of training runs, including two races (10K and a Marathon) where the temperature didn’t get much over 10 degrees. On both occasions, the top perfectly regulated my body temperature and I never felt too hot or too cold. The best part is that even after 26 miles, my top was dry and didn’t smell! This top may not be cheap, but it looks, feels and performs every bit like a premium garment should and it is definitely a go to top for cooler or mixed conditions.

  16. Brian

    I absolutely love this top, its lightweight and it oozes quality, I have used Ashmei kit for a long time now and although it’s not cheap you get what you pay for, a quality design, great looking, long lasting product. I’m building up my collection and I highly recommend Ashmei to athletes who want performance with style !

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