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Ambassador Jess Gray appreciates the versatility of the Vest: “The Vest has a simple, no fuss design. It is super lightweight and does a great job of keeping me cool on hot days or when I am racing. I tend to sweat quite heavily and I find on the long ultras as the sun starts to go down in the later stages of a race, a soaking wet top can chill me. But the fabric in this top seems to transform from keeping me cool to keeping warm without any problems.”

That’s all down to the unique blend of our MERINO + CARBON material that was developed to help maintain a constant temperature for athletes. When we developed this fabric, we knew it needed to include a large percentage of superfine Merino wool as this is the best fibre for keeping you cool in the summer but warm in the winter. Blended with carbon, this unique material wicks sweat ten times faster than pure Merino, providing the ultimate fabric in all climates.


  • Race Fit Vest
  • MERINO + CARBON with 37.5® Technology fabric
  • Signature, rear ashmei stripe
  • Flat-locked seams for a chafe-free run


  • Weight 94g (Mens size Medium)
  • Wicks 10x Faster than 100% Merino Wool
  • Dries 2x Faster than 100% Merino Wool
  • UPF 50+


  • 62% Merino Wool, 34% 37.5® Polyester, 4% Elastane
  • Cool wash at 30C
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not tumble dry

13 reviews for Mens Run Vest

  1. Paul Fowler

    Ashmei – Its Just a vest right? Wrong! As a larger athlete (79kg) Living in Cyprus and training in 35c heat (humidity iro 70%) I need all the help I can get with heat dissipation. Onto my radar (at the recent Club Relay Triathlon Championships organised by ) I called Ashmei and I told them of my needs. Robert suggested that I try the Ashmei Mens Merino and Carbon running race vest. Well I did and here is the result.

    Returning back to Cyprus after a couple of weeks in the UK I decided to take it easy for a day before I went out for a run. Unfortunately the way I work necessitates a mid day run – never the easiest here as the heat and humidity rise significantly. However, despite stressing the body, as long as you hydrate well before and after maintaining electrolyte balance it is very manageable. So this lunchtime I set out for a brisk trail 5k adding load each kilometer. 5:20km / 5:00km / 4:50km / 4:40km & 4:30km.

    The results amazed me. Ashmei don’t produce running vests they produce heat dissipating garments that make you want to run! After my 5k, I literally wanted to carry on. So I did. I also wanted to test the vest further. I took myself a further 1k to the cliff top and descended and ascended that (a further k) and then ran home again. Wow! Of course the vest did dampen, it was 35c 70% humidity and I am 79kg! But, it dampened on the outside and the only way I knew this was to stop and check by touching it! The wicking was absolutely first class and whilst sweat was forming on my body as soon as the vest touched it, it was transferred almost immediately through the material and away from my body keeping me the coolest I have felt running here in these humid conditions. I cannot praise the Ashmei Merino and Carbon vest highly enough, a great fitting garment that out performs any
    other vest I have worn.

    Paul Fowler.

  2. Jesper Bundgaard

    I have tried lots of different brands but nothing comes close to the quality of Ashmei. I love the fact that even though I have used my race vest top for more then 2 years it never smells of sweat.

  3. Ian Bruce

    I wore this Ashmei vest for the 2014 Berlin Marathon (28/09/14). Previously I’d only tried it for a couple of short runs, but I knew wanted to wear something lightweight, partly based on my experience of previous marathons this year in Manchester and Edinburgh, where my clothing had got completely soaked through by the finish, and partly because I spent most of the summer running in a lightweight polyester vest and had got used to the feeling of freedom of movement from no sleeves.

    First impressions were that the vest was comfortable, if a litle snug – I usually wear a ‘medium’, but was in two minds about whether this was the right size for me.

    Race day was clear and sunny day, which meant the pre-race temperatures were pretty cold (6?C), but the Merino definitely helped keeping my core warm under the plastic ponchos the organisers were handing out at the start. After a couple of hours temperatures were up to around 20?C plus, but I didn’t feel overheated or uncomfortable. There were definite sweat patches on the vest, but the wicking was effective (and my nipples were pretty much immaculate afterwards…)

    Overall – comfortable, with the fit helping retain heat and wick away moisture as needed. Oh, and the marathon time? My first sub 4, at 3:59:29

  4. Harald

    There is not much to say, the vest does pretty well what it is supposed to do. I use it for running and cycling equally often. The vest is of excellent quality and awesome design. It warms nicely, dries fast and comes with all the goodness of Merino Wool. A very versatile high quality and good looking piece of gear.

  5. Sean

    These merino race vests have to be the most soft and comfortable running vests I have ever had the pleasure of wearing – and they feel cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s chilly. In fact, whilst training for my first marathon this winter, I wore one Ashmei race vest on top of another (along with some merino arm warmers) and was perfectly comfortable on even the coldest of early morning runs.

    The merino and carbon mix performs equally well in the heat, too, wicking sweat away super quick and drying with lightning speed. So, whether it’s hot or cold out there, these race vests will serve you extremely well.

    I have been using two of these vests for a year now and certainly wouldn’t choose anything else. The fit is good and is exactly the same as when they first arrived, despite me having covered hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles in them, and having washed them often.

    Some people may be put off by the ?50 price tag of this vest – BUT DON’T BE. Although it may seem like a relatively hefty initial outlay, these vests outperform synthetic and other technical running tops in every single way – and, as the merino and carbon mix is naturally odour resistant, they last longer, too. If you were able to factor in the overall cost of repeatedly replacing stinky running tops, these Ashmei race vests would probably work out far better value for money … So, there you have it: buying anything else is a false economy!

    As part of your everyday kit, the Ashmei race vest will help regulate your temperature whatever the weather – allowing you to concentrate on the business of running … I absolutely love my Ashmei race vests and would give them a six star rating if I could.

  6. Tim

    I bought myself a red Ashmei vest over 5 years and 30 marathons ago and it has been brilliant. Kept me warm in Scottish races and in the Swiss Alps but cool in the searing heat of many Italian courses. Never chaffed, even during heavy rain for hours, and has only recently started armed to look a bit faded (not surprising, after so much use and washing). Best bit of kit I ever bought and I’ll replace it with another of course. In fact, I may even get a black one too. They will help me towards my goal of 100 marathons.

  7. Adrian Stanley

    This is the best running vest I have owned. It is very comfortable and I have worn it on its own on hot days and as a layer on cooler days. I have been wearing ashmei vests for some time now and they retain their shape and colour. It is immeasurably better than a synthetic vest and is very good value for money.

  8. Philip Ortiz

    Very useful and versatile – in both warm and cool conditions (e.g. under a cycling jersey); comfortable too and doesn’t develop a smell like synthetics. Well made and has lasted for years, more than justified the price.

  9. Darren Atkins

    First run in hot conditions in this vest – very happy with the lightness, fit and superb wicking.
    If it lasts as well as others say, it’s a bargain!

  10. russell.rose

    Quality all the way through, a very well made and extremely made, it feels lovely next the skin and wicks beautifully, I really really Like it.

  11. Mark K

    Works brilliantly on race day or as a base layer. Excellent at wicking away moisture. Also keeps you cool.

  12. fredcrouzier

    Super efficient for both hot or cold weather (then used as a base layer) – fits very well but most importantly always stays dry! Also very good as a cycling base layer. A must have.

  13. Jeremy

    The unseasonably warm British summer gave the perfect excuse to add to my Ashmei collection and the vest does not disappoint. Understated elegance in the classic design are combined with premium merino wool mixed with carbon to deliver a product that simply outperforms the best . Flat lock seams and superior wicking properties make this the go to product and I heartily recommend as an essential piece of kit for the runners wardrobe .

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