Windproof Glove


A deep winter glove using microfibers woven into an extremely tight construction blended with 40% stretch that creates a water resistant and 100% windproof barrier against the elements.

If it’s really cold, then pair this with our Merino Glove as a liner to provide additional warmth without losing the dexterity.

A silicone-grip printed on the palm and fingers plus leather tab allows for easy pull off.

Jesper Nybo Riis, who features in the 3 Season System on the ashmei website, says: “The Windproof Glove finishes off the 3 Season look in some style. For the chillier days, the Glove ensures the hands stay warm with full feeling, so you never doubt or look back – you just go.”


  • Ultra stretch microfibre
  • Aero fit, 3 Season system
  • Silicon gripper on fingers and palm area
  • Signature ashmei branding on red leather removal tab


  • Highly windproof and water resistant fabric
  • Re-oriented seams for ride comfort
  • Durable Water Repellent finish
  • Lightweight, high performance – 50g

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  1. william.dove

    I have used a pair of windproof gloves in early spring rides this year. I like them, they are certainly wind proof and are also shower proof. The gloves are made out of a material that is quite stretchy. This means the gloves can ‘fit like a glove’ which is very good and they are really comfortable. A minor weakness of this design for me is that under white knuckle braking I felt the fabric stretch, meaning my grip to the handlebars was weakened. I found I adjusted to this. The stitching in my gloves also came undone and they were replaced promptly under warranty with out any fuss. In short, a good product, a slight improvement for me would be to not have stretch material on the palms.

  2. Philip Yates

    Living in Scotland means low temperatures with the possibility of snow or ice from October to April. I have always suffered from cold feet and hands, a problem which is made worse when cycling. I have tried many different types of gloves to keep my hands warm. Unfortunately the thicker, warmer, winter gloves result in a significant loss of both dexterity and feeling whilst riding and I have to remove the gloves to switch my cycle lights, or Garmin, on or off.
    I recently purchased a pair of Ashmei windproof gloves and a pair of Ashmei merino gloves to act as a liner. Both pairs of gloves are nice and light, easy to put on/off and really comfortable to wear. Even when using the gloves as a combination there is no loss of dexterity or feeling and I am now able to operate my lights and Garmin without needing to take the gloves off. They keep my fingers warm down to a temperature of +4°C, but below this temperature my finger tips start to become cold. The water resistant properties of the windproof gloves effectively make them shower proof and with the material being so thin they dry very quickly. These have now become my “go to” gloves for rides above 4 degrees.

  3. Will Ward

    Just back from battling The Beast the East (Part II), and these gloves coupled with merino wool liners kept my hand warm and dry, even down at -4, and snowing.

    On first wear the wind stopping capabilities really stand out vs. any winter gloves I’ve worn before at a similar prices.

    The fit, in my opinions comes up a little large. The palms are super-grippy, sticky even, and the subtle styling makes these and understanded but standout addition to my winter wardrobe.

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Windproof Glove

ashmei gloves are made from a high stretch fabric and the glove should fit snug to the hand.
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Knuckles (cm) <18 18-22 >22