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Mens Cycle Waterproof Jacket

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Our waterproof jacket will reveal its awe-inspiring H20 protection capabilities when you are pushed to your limits. Protecting you from the elements with its fully-taped, super thin 7 micron laminate fabric that has an amazing capacity to breathe (45,000gm.m2/24hrs) whilst being super stretchy for all-day comfort.


  • Classic minimalist styling
  • Incredible stretch – full range of motion
  • Signature, reflective ashmei rear stripe for high visibility
  • Shaped hem finished with silicon gripper
  • Zipped waterproof pocket and internal pump loop
  • Three rear stuff pockets with laser cut drainage holes
  • Fully taped seams


  • Waterproof to 20,000mm
  • Super thin 7 Micron laminate
  • Highly breathable to 45,000gm/m2/24hr
  • Lightweight, high performance – 251g
  • Durable Water Repellent outer finish
  • Water-resistant YKK® AquaGuard zip

There’s probably no better place to put the truly magnificent waterproof properties of our jacket through its paces than the jaw-dropping beauty of Snowdonia.  In fact, the jacket is a must should you ever find yourself grappling with Mother Nature while navigating the gruelling ascent of Pen-y-Pass in preparation for the drop into Llanberis. The lush, verdant valleys that feature in the epic ride through Snowdonia are among the wettest in the UK, you see.

And it is only when you push it to its limits that our jacket will ultimately reveal its awe-inspiring H20 protection capabilities. In fact, if you listen very carefully you might even catch it gently mocking the Welsh rain – safeguarded as it is by fully-taped, super thin 7 micron laminate.

A word from founder Stuart: “I wanted a jacket that protected you from getting wet from the rain but also from sweat. The market is flooded (excuse the pun) with waterproofs that block the rain but then don’t breathe enough so you end up too hot and soaking wet from your own sweat. I therefore knew we needed a fabric that had the maximum breathability available without compromising handle, weight and stretch.

The result is a fabric that has an amazing capacity to breathe (45,000gm.m2/24hrs) made from a laminate that is an incredible 7 microns thin and super stretchy. This allows us to produce a jacket that keeps you completely dry, has a tailored “cyclist” fit and weighs so little you hardly notice you are wearing it.”

11 reviews for Mens Cycle Waterproof Jacket

  1. neil Sperrin

    received this jacket today, have used others such as Gore Shakedry but this is so much better, better fit, loads of features such as vents, zipped rear pocket and very stylish too. out in the rain today, and completely dry inside, rain just falls off.
    if your in the market for a good waterproof and windproof jacket, spend the extra and get one of these. You will not regret it.

  2. Thomas Lübeck

    An absolutely fantastic jacket! I have done some heavy rain rides bellow 10 deg. Celsius and have enjoyed it all the way. Usually I’m not a fan at riding in the rain but with this rain jacket it not a thing at all. If you need a good rain jacket that as an extra bonus also does more buy this one, you will not regret it.

  3. Julian Innes

    If you do not have this jacket buy one.

    I was in the market for something to keep me dry during a 5 day sponsored charity cycle for the local Hospice. I did it two years ago and found myself wet, cold and at times miserable. I needed an extra large 5,10”, 13.5 stone and a little wider across the chest. This jacket fits perfectly on top of the soft shell jacket of the same size.

    I have done two runs. The first 30 miles with a fair bit of climbing but no rain. I was keen to test the breathability of the jacket. 20 minute hard climb had sweat dripping from the forehead but dry inside the jacket with no moisture or dampness. It kept out every bit of wind and kept me warm on the way home as the temperature and light dropped.

    The second run was 100 miles in the Highlands starting at 7 am. It rained for the first three hours. Not a drop got through this jacket and despite working hard no internal dampness. I kept it on for the next hour as it was really windy. Kept me warm. I then took it off for an hour until the rain came back. When I say rain I mean real heavy rain which flooded the roads. It lasted for 30 minutes and the water just bounced off the jacket.

    When I finished the ride I turned it inside out after shaking it. Not a drop of sweat.

    Brilliant jacket folks that does what it claims, breaths and keeps you dry

  4. Nick Brown

    Great piece of kit. I’m a long-time running fan of Ashmei kit, but pretty new to cycling. The waterproof jacket is witchcraft – I cycled 60 miles around Box and Leith Hills in Surrey while wearing it on quite a warm (mid-20s C) day that kept promising and not delivering rain, so by rights I should have cooked in the bag (I was a bit sweatier than I would have been without it but it was far from unpleasant – the zips in the sides vent the moisture out nicely). When the rain finally did come, the jacket did an amazing job of keeping me dry. The reflective bits work well and the pockets are bloody enormous.

  5. Trevor Hair

    Just received this jacket last week, in time for the UK weather to take a distinct turn for the worst, making it the wettest June on record. Despite weighing next to nothing and feeling very flimsy, the jacket packs well into a back pocket, Last Friday i wore this with just a vest and wind jacket to work (11 degrees only) at 6.45 am in a drizzle and stayed warm through 13 miles. On the return it was torrential rain all the way (19 miles back) and amazingly this jacket kept me dry all the way. Went out on Saturday and once again got caught in a torrential downpour back from Wetherby to York – still dry despite a little ingress at the neck where I hadn’t done up the zip securely. Have worn three days this week when its been pretty wet and still remained dry, the build quality is excellent, the zips seem very tight and the jacket material is soft and comfortable when directly on the skin.
    In short, the best waterproof I’ve come across so far. I’ve several photos that I can’t upload showing the inner dry windjacket, very impressed given how wet I was

  6. James

    There’s numerous great things about these ashmei jackets, but the thing I want to focus my review on is the longevity and quality. I got my jacket from this range in 2015 and it is still going strong. I wear it everyday in the winter commuting by bike and it’s stood the test of time. These are very well-made jackets, using really good materials. They mean seem expensive on the face of, but if you are going to be riding regularly for the next few years, it’s definitely worth it.

  7. Jamie Jackson

    Bought this jacket October 2017 so I have had plenty of use from this now.
    I cycle primarily in Scottish mountains and this jacket has seen it fare share of bad weather.
    It is waterproof, very breathable especially with the vent zippers fully open, but still manages to stay waterproof.
    The cuff ends are really comfortable.
    I had to size up from my normal large to extra large.
    I like the back pockets with a little magnetic tap to keep valuables safe.
    Rolls up quit small to fit in a jersey pocket.

    It’s built well and it’ll last for years.
    So far I have not got a bad word to say about any product from Ashmei. Words can’t describe how good they are.

  8. Jesús Lobo

    Voy a escribir en español que es mi lengua materna. Espero que sirva para los de habla hispana ?

    Llevo unos años viviendo en UK y experimentando lo que es salir en bici por aquí. Si haces lo mismo que en España que cuando llueve no se sale, pues… te quedas sin salir porque aquí llueve casi siempre… además es normal que en invierno estés por debajo de los 5 grados.

    Después de varias investigaciones opté por sistema de capas: llevar capas de abrigo debajo de este chubasquero y ha resultado ser una gran solución.

    Lo primero que ves en esta chaqueta son los cuidados detalles que tiene en el acabado, en los bolsillos traseros, el detalle del bolsillo cubierto para que no se moje lo que lleves dentro, el pequeño “clip” que lo cierra, el ajuste en la muñeca, el ajuste de la cremallera en el cuello…

    Pero lo mejor es el resultado después de horas debajo de la lluvia. Tuve una mala experiencia con otro chubasquero (en principio era un chubasquero de calidad) haciendo la LEL bajo la lluvia y al cabo de unas horas estaba empapado por dentro. Con este he estado horas bajo la lluvia y no he tenido problemas.

    Si tengo que decir un “pero” es que me queda ajustada debajo de las axilas, no es nada molesto, pero parece que le pedirías que te quedara “como un guante”… aunque quizá el problema es solo mío.

    En definitiva gran prenda muy recomendable.

  9. steve3

    It rained today as it does here – “bucket rain” is what I call it, like someone is throwing buckets of water at you. So I was able to give my rain jacket a good test. At first watching the water form in droplets and run off in streams, I have tried out lots of jackets, many of them receiving wonderful reviews in the cycling press and they all sort of performed at this early stage….. the real test comes about one and a half hour into the ride when the jacket really gets saturated. Whilst every other jacket I have purchased failed at this point this one remained waterproof and I remained dry despite four hours of cycling in the bucket rain. Well done Ashmei.

  10. Rob De’Giovanni

    Worn the waterproof jackets a number of times in varying conditions from windy through to pretty torrential rain now.
    the waterproofing is undeniably great – water literally bounces off and even in prolonged rain, water does not soak through at all.

    I tend to run quite warm so there has been the issue with overheating a bit at times but in fairness the vents at the front (as well as unzipping as required) makes a noticeable difference and allows for cooling when overheating occurs. I guess there is always going be a limit to breathability when something is this waterproof and I have not suffered from the “boil in the bag” scenario as of yet which is reassuring.

    there is only one issue I have had with the jacket which in the grand scheme of things is relatively minor. I have found the cut around the shoulder and armpit areas to be a bit off for me……overly bagging onto of my shoulder while being a bit tight under the armpit which has had the effect of pulling on the sleeves at times. the cuffs prevent the sleeves riding up so no issue there but it does mean arm movement is a bit restricted especially if layered up underneath. this may be more to do with my proportions and looking at the photos on the website clearly not a problem for the rider modelling the jacket

    the pockets are a great touch meaning the jacket is ideal for keeping on for long days with bad weather. and the flapped pocket was perfect for storing food that once opened could be kept safely dry but still easily accessible.

    it also packs down small enough for a jersey pocket should you wish to use more for emergencies situations. I have often had it with me for colder descents or for when the father has turned or when it has become a bit darker than expected as the reflective detail is very effective!

    All in all a very, very good jacket!

  11. Chris Hansen

    Jacket arrived as described. Feels and fits lovely. Dimensions are accurate. Regular rear pockets, zipped vents and folds up neatly. Bring on the rain !! p.s.I presume the jacket folds up into the flapped rear pocket?

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