Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt


This perfect deep winter piece, worn alone or with our signature MERINO + CARBON baselayer, provides great thermo-regulation on the coldest of winter runs. The merino terry loop backing gives great next to skin comfort while excellent stretch gives a full range of motion. A close-fitting ninja hood is fitted should the conditions need it. A piece worn as much as a lifestyle garment as on the road or trails, our bet is that it will be your favourite piece in no time.

A word from founder, Stuart: “This is my most used piece of kit from October through to March, either worn against the skin or in colder climates over a jersey or baselayer. The heat regulation on this piece is second to non, so even running in deep winter with freezing temperatures, I don’t feel cold but once warmed up and into my rhythm it maintains my comfort by cooling me to keep me warm rather than hot and sweaty. The ninja hood and hidden mitts in the cuff are incredibly useful that provide that extra warmth in the freezing conditions. It’s also my go to travel essential”.


  • Stretch Terry Looped Merino Wool
  • Close fitting ninja hood
  • Flatlocked Seams
  • Zipped security pocket
  • Reflective binding with silicon gripper
  • Thumb loops with hidden mitt


  • Weight: (Men's Size Medium): 356g


  • Fabric: 38% Merino Wool, 46% Polyester, 16% Spandex
  • Cool wash at 30C
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not tumble dry

27 reviews for Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt

  1. Matt Gaskell

    I have a version of this from 2013, and it really is brilliant. I have used it between October and March / April, and it genuinely does everything that they say it will. With a vest (or even a t shirt) underneath, it’s plenty warm enough for a zero degree (or colder) early morning run, and I found myself leaving my gloves at home, because the mitt, although basic, is enough to keep your hands warm until you’re properly warmed up, and by that point, I’m usually stuffing my gloves into my shorts for somewhere to keep them. The only downer is that with the pocket stuffed full of gels for a long run, the fabric is stretchy enough that they bounce around a bit, but it still gets 5 stars, because it keeps it’s shape and doesn’t get all stretched and ugly. Oh and the hood works well too, although I do look a bit of a tit with it up and in ninja mode.

  2. Mads H

    Just received my order from ashmei this morning which included an hoodie and trail running socks. I changed right into it and wanted to test it out straight away. A 5 mile run followed by 5 mile cycling in 10 degrees celcius and moderate wind. The sweatshirt hold up very nicely and the special features such as full cover pocket for your hands and the so-called ‘ninja’ hood makes you much more comfortable in not so perfect conditions. Outstanding piece of apparel in part of controlling your body temperature. I was extremely satisfied with this product and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the zipper can be a little tricky connecting at the bottom sometimes, so my advise to the manufacturer would be finding a higher quality zipper for future models. All in all I am very exited about this great piece and looking forward to using it for all multipurposes such as hiking, running and everyday use. (btw I expect that most users would still be giving it 5 stars but for me to give a perfect review would mean that I see no way to improve the product). Thanks ashmei!

  3. Martin Davies

    I received my Grey hoodie yesterday(8th Sep 2014) and got to wear it this morning on my regular Tue 6:30am speed session with the react of my running group(Dawn Raiders-a small group within the Wimbledon Windmilers Running Club). I have owned the Black with Red stripe for the past year and I am rarely without it when training or Racing at different distances.
    My new one is great and I like the improvements. Other runners I run with regularly have asked me about the quality and I can tell them honestly that this product covers everything you want from a thin warm /cool running top.Thank you very much Ashmei and I look forward to your biking and Triathlon gear which will hopefully be available soon.
    Martin Davies

  4. Rik

    As soon as you open the box and find the soft ashmei bag inside you know you are in for a treat.
    As an existing owner of ashmei jerseys I know that I will benefit from excellent wicking, breath-ability and comfort. I love the fit on all of the jerseys, which stays true no matter how many washes.
    This is the 3rd jersey I have bought from ashmei, my other 2 are from an earlier model. First glance a few subtle changes – zipped pocket on the side and not the back and no Zip pocket on the shoulder. Not tested the new one yet but I love the grey colour I have chosen and will be out for a run this evening. Highly recommended

  5. stew smith

    I’ve been running pretty much all year with the exception of the summer in the black hoodie. It just works! Great fit, soft premium feel and great touches. Designed to be run in and not just a good looking piece of apparel. Sizing is spot on also. Perfect from 30 mins around the block to hours on the Jurassic Coast.

  6. Luke

    Always super service from Ashmei. The mens sweatshirt is fantastic, you really do not notice that you are wearing it! For those cooler autumn runs you only need the top with nothing underneath. Dry winter runs only need the vest or a tee under and you are warm. The mitt is a fantastic touch as well. As if that is not enough it so cool to look at that you’ll want another to wear out casually!

  7. Richard

    My disovery of a love of running started in 2011 and pretty much coincided at the same point with discovering Ashmeii gear. It started with the beanie and gloves to get through winter training in 2011 – 2012 and has continued year on year as i’ve tried out the shorts, tops, leggings etc.
    Other than the Ashmeii shorts that have got me through every single long run i’ve ever done with zero problems and 100% comfort, I can already see that the running sweatshirt is probably going to become my favourite bit of kit. The absolute advantages over other products are this it is simultaneously light, warm, wicking, doesn’t stink after 1 run, it’swell thought out to do its job, feels great to wear, has the built in mitts and earphone routing, and also passes the wife’s ‘that looks lovely, can i nick it?’ test.
    The only remaining ‘challenge’ for Ashmeii to solve I reckon is the ‘where do i put my ever expanding in size iPhone’? Love the fact Ashmei give a waterproof little pocket in the parcel so you can put it in your shorts pocket, but I reckon there’s a more elegant solution somehow, and it’s not an armband 🙂
    Go to, brilliant bit of kit that I’ll live and die in both whilst running and at home just to be cosy as the winter nights draw in. Keep it up Ashmeii lads n lasses!

  8. Adam R

    So, whenever you set out to get a new top that isn’t a new version of the top(s) you currently run in the basic premise is you want the new top to be an improvement. The bit I missed was that it was going to make 2 tops redundant!

    Ashmei were new to me and so I did my due diligence. The difference in their literature is that everything has a reason, it’s not just in a new colour or with a different reflective strip. And as soon as the beautiful package arrives the detail and the attention they have given that detail shines through. The 3-way-cuff is a prime example of this. Start the run on a cold night with the full mitt, starting to warm up then you move to thumb loop or normal cuff. End up heading down the side of the river with a viciously cold wind – back to the full mitt and perfectly happy. The full zip allows you to regulate temperature perfectly well, the unfussy but highly effective rubber grip at the bottom of the back again highlights the little details that really make a difference. Merino wool means you wear it 2-3 times a week and only wash it once also makes a big difference.

    Ashmei have raised the bar considerably and for me, it has replaced my long-sleeve top through autumn, and also my base-layer in addition through some of the colder months. You no longer need to stop and think about what you need to wear, or do the famed ‘arm out of the window’ test. Just grab this and put it on and go.

    And it is no coincidence that I now start any browsing for my next item to replace a piece of kit at Ashmei and I have firm belief in the fact they would be an upgrade every time, unless it’s my Ashmei piece I’m replacing of course. But knowing them, they’ll probably raise the bar again!

  9. Stuart Dawes

    Rarely have I received an item of sports clothing which felt perfect the minute you put it on. Just the right balance between fit and stretch. Out on the roads it was a joy to run in – keeping me warm but not overheating. I’ve also found that it’s equally comfortable as a nice warm top after a run / race. Great product

  10. George S

    This is an excellent piece of running gear. Living in the US I wasn?t familiar Ashmei and was a bit apprehensive about buying expensive gear sight unseen. But the wonderful reviews, equisite styling, and great customer service (quick, comprehensive answers to my email questions) won me over and I took the chance. What a good decision ? I couldn?t be happier with this jersey; well worth the cost. It fits perfectly and is super soft ? I would never have guessed it was mostly wool. The attention to detail is really special ?? the gripper tape to prevent the bottom from riding up, the ability to secure the hood, the 3-in-1 cuff. Really wonderful stuff; plus the workmanship is first rate. Ashmei will be the first place I turn when I buy new gear.

  11. Jeremy Deaner

    I was looking forward to a cold spell to test my new sweatshirt on a run on Hampstead Heath and yesterday early morning with a blue sky and a crisp frost was my opportunity. I used my new Ashmei beanie and gloves to set off my sweatshirt. I did a quick 11k in perfect comfort needing both the beanie and sweatshirt hood to keep me warm for the first half . Slimming, but with room for a few extra layers, smart and most importantly warm . Love all three items and would highly recommend them.

  12. luca.m.lombardi

    Just received my order this morning and I have already been out testing it on a 5k run. Great piece of gear due to first class material and well thought design. Particularly like the snug hood. I look forward to wearing on more challenging endeavours. Keep it coming ashmei

  13. Tim

    I love my sweatshirt and it works in most weathers as a top or underlayer (with raincoat). The top is made with high quality merino wool and so it keeps you warm in the winter and keeps you cool in the warmer weather. My only tip for buyers is make sure that all the velcro is covered when put in a washing machine, otherwise the surround area can get fluffy.

  14. Ivan

    Purchased the sweatshirt a couple of months ago but only in the last few weeks I was able to trully tested. It is an exceptionally warm garment which needs temperatures under 5-6DC imho. I tried wearing it in warmer weather but I ended up being quite hot. Otherwise, when the temp drops one doesn’t need much else apart from a good baselayer and the sweatshirt on top. As always the quality is fantastic- attention to details, stitchings and etc. The hood is really handy but what I like the most is the fact it doesn’t get in your way. It has been washed a few times so far and it holds it shape rather well. Would deffo recommend. Thanks

  15. Tom W

    The wife got me the ninja hoodie for my 40th. What a thing of beauty when I unwrapped all the packaging! However I am a sweaty beast of a man and when I saw the weight and thickness of the hoodie compared to other merino base layers I owned I wondered if it would ever serve the intended purpose. Thanks to some typical inclement British weather the last few weeks have given perfect opportunity to allay my concerns.
    A pre dawn long run in sub zero temperatures. I wore only a vest and my hoodie. I was snug and warm. When the sun broke out and the sweat started rolling I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest as the hoodie wicked the moisture away from my body. Best of all I just hung it out to dry post run and that evening it was ready to re-use AND odour free!
    This is my go to top for any cold runs now and can get several days use before I wash it on a gentle wool wash. The fit is true it has held its shape well after numerous washes. Funny thing is I nearly chopped off the large flap on the back until I twigged it was there to roll up the hood into a cosy collar. Sure the mitts will be useful in slightly warmer climes but currently still in thick gloves as my fingers are a bit wussy!
    Great product Ashmei… thanks for making my cold runs that extra bit fun 🙂

  16. Neville W

    Just received my hoodie and i am well impressed!
    The style and quality of the top is simply excellent . I used to wear Rapha when cycling all the time but Ashmei clothing is right up there with them?
    This is simply a quality product with great design , style and usability.
    Will be a committed adopter of Ashmei clothing for all my running needs from now on!

  17. Stephen Birtwistle

    I was recommended Ashmei by a colleague who is a keen cyclist, and as I had been searching for a decent running top all winter he suggested I try it. After some excellent customer service from Georgie I received my hooded sweatshirt and have fallen in love with it. Although a little warm now to run in, I have worn it casually during our chilly Spring weather and have not been disappointed – is it wrong to long for the cooler months so that I can test it out on the roads?? I am heading to the Welsh mountains this weekend so it will undoubtably be exposed to some frisky weather, but from what I have established so far it will not disappoint. More importantly it looks bloody good, love the shade of red and the stripe to the back and it fits like a glove. All in all very very pleased and will return for more. Thanks Ashmei!

  18. Edward A

    I was given this Ashmei merino running sweatshirt at Christmas in 2014, and I was initially doubtful about whether merino wool would deliver these ?special benefits? that other reviewers have mentioned. However my scepticism was soon proved wrong when I started using it on my long slow distance runs in preparation for the 2015 Brighton Marathon. The first thing you notice about this ?hoodie? is how light it is, once you get running you barely notice that you are wearing a long-sleeved top, especially in the colder weather. The top is able to keep you warm, but at no point did I feel like I was about to overheat, and instead I felt comfortable throughout my long runs between January to March- even when I had to stop to go to the toilet for instance. The ultimate test for me came when I was doing a 13 mile run, after having to stop and walk home because my blood sugar levels had crashed. The hoodie allowed me stay warm whilst walking home on a cold Sunday evening in January.

    The top isn?t just great because of the excellent material it is made of, but also because of its features. The zip pocket enables you to carry a few gels, your keys and a bus/ train ticket. The ?built-in mitts? stop your hands from getting cold when the temperature really drops. I think my favourite part of the top is the hood. It fits nicely on your head, but can also be wrapped up when you don?t need it. Easily a five star rating and don?t be put off by the price, as it is a great investment for any runner at whatever level and wanting to train all year round.

  19. Robin v

    Fantastic mid-layer in winter or outer layer in spring / autumn. Perfect regulation of the body temp and so much better then the well known consumer brands out there. An enormous amount of energy goes into regulating body temp so wearing clothes that do that for you is free energy to run longer and / or faster.

  20. Paz

    I bought this last year for winter marathon training (with Xmas gift money!). It’s brilliant. You feel really confident going out, even in the evening or in the real January cold. I had a bit of trouble with the zip, and ashmei were v happy for me to send it back to get it checked/sorted out.I have almost been looking forward to the autumn to get out and about in it again! Strongly recommended for anyone who has to do a lot of winter training.

  21. Neil

    I’ve had my hooded sweat-shirt for almost 3 years and it’s a staple in my bag. It layers brilliantly, wicks and has kept me warm (but not too warm) on long winter runs in the Lake District, Pennines and recently in a storm on Mont Blanc.

  22. Neil Looker

    If like me you tend to put way too many layers on when you start a winter run then regret it within 30 minutes of your run then this is the top for you! It keeps you warm as body adjusts to the cold temperature yet you never overheat. I got so sick of my GF borrowing mine invested a bright red women’s version for xmas which was well received.

  23. Mark Whitehouse

    Absolutely gorgeous. I am now in a dilemma as it’s so nice I want to wear it casually. I may have to buy another one for running!

  24. ulrich

    This Hooded Sweatshirt is fantastic, keeps you warm and cosy! Icy weather will be my best friend from know on!

  25. Brian OMurchu

    This is one of my go-to pieces of running kit. On colder days I appreciate the windproofness, the built-in mitts, and the hood negates the need for a beanie. on warmer days I bring the hoody for post-run for it’s warmth and pack-ability. The features in the hoody are really effective; the zipped pocket, silicone gripper in the hem, the athletic fit and sizing.

  26. Alex R

    I bought this for the cold, the shape, fit, warmth & wicking are wonderful but after a year of limited, cold weather wear, both mitts wore clean through at the thumbs. Didn’t expect this relatively high cost. Complained & no replacement offered. It’s a shame as otherwise super gear. I would purchase, but don’t use with mitts too much?

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