Women’s Long Sleeve Baselayer + Glove Gift Box


Women’s Long Sleeve Baselayer

Our Long Sleeve Baselayer is a pleasure to wear as a layer against the skin at both ends of the temperature spectrum. Because of the incredible breathability and temperature regulation of the MERINO + CARBON with 37.5® Technology fabric, this piece will see you comfortable, warm and dry no matter what the season.


Elliot Welland, in charge of product development, says: “When developing the Merino Glove we wanted to achieve several important performance characteristics – thermoregulation being the highest priority. We heard so many times from our athletes “in ‘brand X’ glove I get too hot after 10 minutes of activity and need to remove them”. To solve this issue, we used a terry looped Merino against the skin, which keeps the hands in excellent thermal equilibrium.”


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