Sock doping – it’s definitely a style thing

Legs are the tools of the trade for both cyclists and runners. There are rules, therefore, on how we should adorn them. If you are looking to up your sock game, then look no further – we have you covered. In the very finest Merino + Carbon fabric, in fact. Introducing the smart new collection of ashmei socks – we play by the rules yet manage to dial up playfulness to the max.

The underlying philosophy behind sock doping is about allowing your individual sense of style to both shine through and stand out. Our proverbial toe in the sock doping water was the introduction of a Checkered Merino option in core ashmei colours plus a pared back grey Stripe Merino offering. This season will see the welcome addition of four completely new styles to help you up your game.

While there is no doubt that your choice of sock speaks volumes about your personality, you will also want to know that they work as brilliantly as they look. Each of the ashmei sock styles feature our luxurious Merino + Carbon fabric blend.  It also means that your feet are given the best possible protection in areas where pesky hot spots and blisters occur. This is thanks to the excellent thermo-regulation and wicking properties of the Merino + Carbon blend.

This season sees polka dots incorporated into our sock design, with a little doff of the cap to the KoM and QoM Jerseys. There are two options for you to choose from – depending on how big you like your dots, of course. We are calling them Polka and Dot – or little dot and big dot, respectively – and both stand at an impressive 6″. The hugely popular 6″ Checkered and 4″ Stripe Merino Sock have both been re-engineered in the toe box, foot bed and heel areas to incorporate even more Carbon content to further improve wicking performance.