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As has been well documented, the world is in uncharted waters. We have taken some time to compose ourselves before making a statement on the current world pandemic, and the steps we have been taking to ensure our small business can continue to operate during these tough economical times.

We have questioned ourselves many times whether we should continue with our marketing efforts and release new products onto the market, at a time when families and businesses are struggling to survive.

As a business with sustainability as core value, it is not only important that we rigorously evaluate our product and production practices, but also that we treat our suppliers and our team with the same ethical approach, ensuring they are paid in full and on-time to allow them to continue and in turn support their families.

We aim to produce an exceptional product with fair margins, offering good year-round value to our loyal audience. To ensure we continue operating in this way; we will be revealing our new season products over the upcoming weeks, with the qualities that ashmei product has always held: performance, longevity and cross-functionality.

One of the ways that we can do our part, is by continuing to doing what we do, and I hope you can support us and other small and local businesses during this very tough time.

Wishing you all the very best health and safety to you and your family.

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