When we started the development of our cycle Bib Shorts and Triathlon Suit back in 2013, we knew we had to come up with something truly special, performance-wise. Our challenge was to improve on the very best out there, so we had to approach the design process with a radically different perspective.

It was really all about the fabric. With the Bib, we knew we wanted it to be ultra-lightweight, have an incredibly tight weave and a spectacular amount of elastic recovery. Our feeling was the classic knitted spandex fabrics were simply not up to the task, so we started looking at high density woven stretch fabrics instead. Suddenly, it felt like we were getting somewhere.
For starters, the woven microfibre gave us impressive water-resistance. In fact, when we submerged the woven fabric in water for five minutes, it showed no increase in weight. It simply did not absorb any moisture. Contrast this with the traditional knitted lycra fabrics we had tested – a staggering 180% increase in weight when submerged in water for the same amount of time. Imagine what that would mean for you as a triathlete when you transition out of the water onto the bike – you ride lighter, dry quicker and stay much more comfortable in a trisuit made from a woven microfibre.

This ground-breaking fibre technology has a water-resistant finish like no other, when a shower hits the rain will roll off like the best waterproofs.

Next, the elastic recovery within the fabric was a game-changer.. We found that the woven fabric packed almost twice the amount of stretch and recovery compared with the knitted spandex traditionally used in so called performance cycling and triathlon garments. What this additional stretch and recovery effectively does is provide genuine compression. This, in turn, boosts your muscle performance and aids recovery. Your thigh muscles will thank you when you feel a little extra in the tank to push on hard and claim your PB.
Another benefit of using the woven fabric, we found, was in the tailoring department. Because the material has so much more stretch than traditional knitted fabric, it completely eliminated the need to use a tight, often constrictive, silicone elastic band in the leg hem area. No-one needs to suffer from sausage leg ever again given the advancement of technical performance materials such as an ultra-stretch woven fabric.
And that’s a good thing we think you’ll agree.