Where better to test the magnificent waterproof jacket than touring the stunning west coast of Norway, taking in the fjords, mountains and roads with surfaces like glass. ashmei ambassador Jesper Riis puts the jacket through it’s paces to test the superior breathability that exceeds 45,000gm.m2/24hrs. Simply put, this jacket reduces the amount of heat usually generated in waterproof jackets that causes the clammy damp feeling you get from riding hard in jackets.


Whenever we end up describing ashmei products in BikesEtc the phrase ‘well thought out’ is one that we probably overuse. So we’re going to go with bien pensé for their new rain jacket, partly because the item is definitely that, and partly because we believe that by splashing a bit of French about the gaf we make ourselves look more intelligent.

So what makes ashmei’s new Waterproof Jacket so good? Well, it’s mainly the tech that’s been pumped into its construction. It’s made from super-thin 7 micron laminate, which keeps the weight of the whole thing down to 250g. It’s also been coated with a durable water repellent treatment.

And the results were genuinely wow-inducing with the water simply bouncing off.

The result is something that is highly breathable (a claimed 45,000gm/m2/24hrs) and yet waterproof. Astonishingly waterproof. ashmei told us the laminate fabric system will withstand the pressure of 20,000mm of water – double the 10,000mm commonly found among the best waterproofs on the market and more than you’d ever need unless you’re considering using this for a spot of scuba diving.

To test this claim, erm, scientifically, we decided the best way to take a shower in the jacket. And the results were genuinely wow-inducing with the water simply bouncing off. The fabric also has plenty of stretch in it, so will give you a fitted look without cutting the circulation off from your bulging biceps.

ashmei’s usual, erm, well-thought-out design licks are much in evidence, too. There are four rear pockets, one of which is zipped and one of which has a magnetised flap; two waterproof/zipped pocket holes for easy access to your jersey; and an integrated reflective stripe down the back in the form of a stylish polka dot stripe. There’s even two wee lazer-cut holes towards the bottom of the stripe to allow drips to escape from the pocket. We told you it was ippin’ bien pensé!