Why You Should Consider Setting Up A Bucket List

Owain Williams, our Edinburgh-based run ambassador, ponders the importance of creating your very own bucket list

I love setting myself goals, targets and challenges. It’s what I love about running. You don’t need to be the best to get something out of it. You can set your own challenges and battle against yourself. Maybe it’s a new PB you want to achieve or a new distance you want to conquer or maybe you just want to run once around your local park.

I’ve set myself some new challenges and goals for this year, but I’ve also got a bucket list of things I’d love to achieve, maybe not this year, but at least in my life time!

Here is my running / fitness bucket list.

  1. Visit America and run a marathon there.

I’ve never been to America but I’d love to go and to make the experience even better. I’d want to run one of their city marathons, Boston, New York or Chicago, I don’t mind. If I were to run one of these races, I’d run it for the pleasure of it. I would obviously train to make sure I was fit enough to run it, but I’d go to enjoy the experience. Not necessarily to chase a time.

  1. Run the West Highland Way

This is a bit closer to home, but the experience again would be out of this world. The West Highland Way is a trail that goes from Milngavie to Fort William. It covers 96 miles (154 Km) and crosses a range of terrains from countryside parks to loch-shores and open moorlands to steep mountain climbs.

The full distance is something I’d love to do but until then, I’m running the Devil O The Highlands race which takes in the second half of the West Highland Way – from Tyndrum to Fort William later this year. That will give me a small (42 miles) preview of what the full route has to offer.

  1. Run a sub 17-minute 5k

This has been on my bucket list for many years now and due to one reason or another, I just haven’t managed to pull it out the bag. I’ve come close, 17:08 but I’d really like to get that down to 16:59. I’m not sure if it will happen this year due to the number of ultras I’m doing but never say never, I’ll keep on aiming for it!

  1. Run the Tiree Ultra

I grew up on the Isle of Tiree, a small island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. I’ve managed to run the 10k and the half marathon, which is organised over there, but the thought of running around the coastline of this beautiful island really appeals to me. 32 miles along machair, sand dunes, beaches and grassland sounds like a great day out!

  1. Inspire others to take up running

This may be the last item on my bucket list but it will always be a goal of mine. I love talking to others about running but I enjoy even more hearing how people got in to running and found there ‘thing’. Some people enjoy racing, others enjoy trails, others enjoy running up a mountain while others enjoy running with others. Whatever their ‘thing’ is, they are out exercising and enjoy life. What more can you ask for?


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