How to dress for spring cycling

Spring, the beginning of something new yet far more than just a prelude. Despite the promise of summer on the horizon, as an athlete, it’s perhaps the hardest season to dress for. Running from late march to the second half of June in the northern hemisphere, for many spring encompasses everything from light snow to days where you risk sunburn. 

Bled into by both winter and summer, its only constant is change. This varied nature requires spring clothing to work across a wide range of conditions if you’re to avoid feeling either under or overdressed. Aiming to cut down the number of items needed to ride out the season, along with reducing the time spent swapping between them, creating items for spring cycling one of the toughest challenges our designers face. 

Helping you get prepared, we’ve picked out some of the items we find ourselves reaching for most often. 

How to stay warm when cycling in spring

Signature Merino Cycle Jersey

Medium in weight and using our Merino + Carbon fabric ashmei’s Signature Jersey is an ideal choice for spring. With a good degree of native insulation, once paired with one of our baselayers it’s guaranteed to keep you toasty. Benefiting from a medium-height Alcantara-lined collar, this is well-suited to keeping the wind from getting at its wearer. Elsewhere, slightly elongated sleeves provide more coverage while working well with pull-on Arm Warmers. With three pockets for carrying additional items of clothing or other essentials, its hem also features reflective detailing. 

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Signature Bib Shorts

Despite their short legs, our Signature bibs still do plenty to keep you comfortable during spring’s sometimes changeable conditions. Key to this is a bespoke woven fabric that provides a high degree of wind resistance along with a compressive fit. Usable throughout spring, and on into summer and autumn, it’s a material that leaves them breathable and wicking enough not to overheat, yet still deflects showers thanks to the addition of a durable water-resistant treatment. Centred around our high-density foam chamois and finished with flush-fitting straps and laser-cut cuffs, the result is a short that promises to be a reliable year-round companion.

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Merino Baselayer

Merino Baselayer

A staple for spring cycling, or indeed cycling at almost any time of year. Starting with the incredible softness and insulation of Merino forms an excellent basis for any early-season outfit. Enhanced by our exclusive Merino + Carbon fabric, our baselayers actively wick sweat away from the skin, perfect if you’re unsure whether shivering or sweating presents the greater risk. 

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ashmei Windproof Gloves

Windproof Gloves

Trapping heat against your hands, our Windproof gloves offer compact and dexterous protection. Key to this is the use of windproof fabric across their entirety. Woven tightly yet allowing a degree of stretch along with excellent breathability, this is then twice treated to provide a durable water repellent finish for superb wet weather performance. Brushed inside to impart comfort and insulation, their seams are also located to minimise interference. 

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Merino arm warmers

Merino Armwarmers

Pull-on protection for your arms. Made of the same Merino + Carbon fabric as our jerseys and base layers, these simple sleeves drastically extend the utility of either. Wear them as you start on a chilly morning, or carry them with you to mitigate changes later in the ride, either way, they easily pack down to occupy a minimum of space in your pockets. With silicon grippers for zero slippage, their Merino construction means they can be worn multiple times before needing to be washed. 

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