ashmei garments are made to last, not to become landfill a year down the line. An antithesis to the world of disposable fashion, our founding principles will never change. Our designs are timeless, classic, unfussy, practical – not this season’s trend, nor next season’s, but every season. A clean design style means specialist performance in versatile garments that can be worn every day. 


ashmei’s DNA is in product development - the endless search for the details that make a difference, letting you enjoy sport without compromise or distraction.Performance is ashmei’s priority, and we passionately believe that it doesn’t have to come at the cost of integrity. There are responsible materials and processes that can both improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment.


Sustainability is not a buzzword. It is core to ashmei’s philosophy from start to finish line. We are constantly researching and improving in every aspect of production, from materials to manufacturing to packaging.

Ethical sourcing, fair treatment and remuneration for suppliers and co-workers – these core values underpin the ashmei philosophy. Quality from top to bottom.