Spotlight | Our Signature Merino Cycle Jersey

Nothing is as emblematic of cycling as the jersey. Racers strive for them, collectors fight bidding wars over them, and amateurs spend decades seeking the comfiest and best fitting simply to wrap themselves in.

Mens Merino Signature Cycling Jersey

Unsurprisingly then, creating the perfect cycling jersey was high on our list of priorities when we founded ashmei. Included in our launch range, the Signature Merino Cycle Jersey has always offered the simplest representation of what we stand for - condensed into the form of cyclings’ most iconic item of clothing.

Refined over multiple decades to match the needs of cyclists, the universal design features of the cycling jersey are now largely fixed. Luckily needlessly fiddling with well-proven designs isn’t what motivates our designers.

Womens Merino Signature Cycling Jersey

It starts with the rider

Instead when ashmei came to create its Signature Jersey we began by asking how we might best employ our expertise to serve the rider. Starting with the fibres that compose the fabric itself, we chose to employ sustainable Merino wool on account of both its incredible softness and superlative performance qualities.

In some ways, it’s a material that would be recognisable to the earliest racing cyclists. Neatly locating us within a tradition of cycling clothing makers utilising this sustainable and natural resource, our Merino + Carbon fabric nevertheless pushes the material further, securing its reputation for unparalleled performance into the 21st century.

Inherently able to outperform synthetic alternatives when it comes to providing insulation, breathability, and thermoregulation, our addition of super-absorbent silica now also allows the Signature Jersey to wick away moisture ten times more efficiently while also drying twice as fast as untreated wool.

Mens Merino Signature Cycling Jersey


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Womens Merino Signature Cycling Jersey

Timeless performance

Warm in the cold and cool in the heat, Merino’s tactile and aesthetic qualities are also unrivalled by more conventional materials. It’s a trait we sought to accentuate with the simple styling of the Signature Jersey. Aiming to create something simultaneously modern yet evocative of cyclings’ heritage, its block colouring and lack of unnecessary adornment situate it outside the churn of yearly updates or passing trends.

Designed to occupy the favoured spot in your draw year after year, its sustainable construction also creates as small an impact on the planet as possible.

Finished with a reflective hem binding and a silicone gripper, we called it the Signature Jersey because it represents everything we aim to associate our name with, simplicity, style, sustainability, and performance.