Merino Gloves


Versatile and comfortable gloves benefiting from an intelligent Merino construction

Soft, insulating, and profoundly breathable, Merino is the ideal material for making gloves. Designed to be worn alone or as a liner alongside our windproof gloves, the Merino construction of our gloves lets them manage sweat and odour more efficiently than synthetic alternatives.

Enhanced by a terry looped back for extra comfort and warmth, our Merino gloves feature a silicone print palm so you can keep a firm hold on your phone or handlebars. With a touch-sensitive thumb and index finger, this means there’s no need to remove them to use your devices.

Resulting in comfortable hands across a wide range of conditions and effort levels, their modern construction means they’re an asset any time the weather turns cool.

Featured in Rouleur Magazine’s guide to the best winter cycling gloves.

Key Features

  • Terry loop interior
  • Silicone palm
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Stays fresh
  • Work as a liner

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