Accessories destined to explore

Be ready to adapt your plans with a kit list of packable accessories to support your activities - wherever they might take you. Whether you’re running an alpine ridgeline or using your bike to discover how the dots on the map play out in reality, larger adventures make kit selection even more critical.

But when travelling fast and light, space is always at a premium. With every item needing to earn its place, versatility and low volume are the watchwords. For clothing, this means choosing accessories that can keep you warm, extend the usefulness of your other garments, and work across a wide range of conditions.

Carried about your person, or secured in a trail running backpack or bike packing pannier, we think the following items deserve consideration when it comes to a spot on your next adventure.

Merino Beanie

A must for running in cold weather, our Merino Beanie is often breathable enough to leave on all day. Alternatively, it’s perfect to hold back as insurance or for unwinding after your efforts. Having made it to camp after a hard day, both energy levels and temperature are likely to decrease. This makes our soft and warm beanie the perfect accessory for an evening spent around the campfire. Also useful once you turn in, it’s just as good for keeping your head warm when bedding down under canvas.

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Meaning you needn’t choose between a long or short sleeve top, our armwarmers are perfect for cool early starts or adapting to unexpected changes in the weather. While runners will appreciate the ability to tailor their level of protection, high altitude cyclists are guaranteed to find a use in keeping the chill off when descending. Either way, an incredibly low weight and breathable Merino construction means they provide protection that’s out of all proportion to their tiny pack size

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Merino and Windproof Gloves

Our twin system gloves allow you to choose the perfect option for the prevailing conditions. Comprising two distinct gloves that can be used alone or combined as the weather dictates, it’s a pairing able to deal with everything from mildly chilly right down to below freezing. Popped from a back pocket when the weather shifts gear, they’re equally useful when running, cycling or just enjoying the outdoors. Protecting your hands from the elements, along with the hardships of days spent gripping the bars or possible tumbles, the Merino inner is lighter, while the outer glove provides full windproofing. 

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