How to dress for summer cycling

For summer, less is more. Rather than cosseting you from the elements, summer kit instead aims to help you expend energy without overheating. A season that allows you to pay only cursory attention to the weather forecast, it’s normally possible to get by with a stripped back wardrobe comprising just a few key items.

Bib shorts, jersey, and to cover against the occasional shower or cooler start, pocketable protection in the form of a packable jacket. Thrown on each time you head out, summer should be the simplest season to dress for.

Freed from the practical concerns of ensuring you don’t succumb to damp or cold, summer is also a time when style becomes even more of a consideration. This means that along with being lightweight and breathable, now’s the time to invest in something you’re excited to be seen in.

Helping you get prepared, we’ve picked out some of the items we find ourselves reaching for most often.

Signature Merino Jersey

For those seeking a more casual style on the bike, Merino still offers superlative hot weather performance. Cool against the skin, it’s able to help regulate your temperature thanks to the natural properties of its wool fibres. Capable of absorbing a large quantity of moisture without feeling damp, at the same time, Merino does an excellent job of helping this evaporate and so cool your skin. Thanks to its natural ability to swallow odour-causing bacteria, even in hot weather, all our Merino products can still be worn for multiple days while remaining fresh. 

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Signature Bib Shorts

On your bottom half, our Signature bibs use a unique fabric that’s lightweight yet highly compressive. Knitted rather than woven, our collaboration with the Italian mill where the fabric is produced allows us to create our shorts from a reduced number of panels. Ensuring a perfect fit without resorting to obtrusive features, this means there’s little chance of irritation even in the hottest weather. Increasing this trait, a far higher than average elastane content further boosts their wicking and breathability. Finally, because summer is the perfect time for spending the whole day on your bicycle, our bespoke high-density foam chamois is designed for enduring comfort on expedition-length adventures.

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Cycle Windjacket

Small enough to fit into a jersey pocket, our packable Cycle Windjacket provides protection should wind or rain intrude on your summer idyl. Even on hot and clear days, if you find yourself riding into the evening, this stretchy and breathable shell will stop you from getting cold as you reach the end of your energy reserves. The same goes should you decide to stay out socialising after your ride; one of the many perks of cycling in summer.

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Merino Socks

Our Merino socks are cool in summer, warm in winter, and gorgeously soft all year round. Stylish enough to match any outfit, whether on the bike or off it, we’ve recently released them in a whole new range of shades. Available in six-inch and ankle-length versions, you’re free to select between the two as the temperature or taste dictates.

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