Minimalist wool socks for grown-up athletes

Always on display, when cycling or running your socks contribute an outsized effect on your appearance. Given the stress placed on active feet, they also have an outsized effect on how comfortable you’ll be. It’s why athletes always find their way to having a favourite pair.

In creating what we hope will be your new go-to choice, ashmei called on Merino wool to provide wearers with the greatest comfort possible. At the same time, we imbued our latest designs with a muted style that allows them to slot easily into your existing wardrobe.

Now expanded to encompass a range of block colours, our Merino socks embody the qualities needed for the best in athletic performance, but in a format that’s smart enough to wear anytime.

Ankle Merino Wool Trainer Sock

Simplify your sock draw

What makes a great sock is equally relevant to every application, from marathon athletic endeavours to more lazy wanderings. Ours are created from natural Merino wool. Possessing incredible softness, this sustainable material is also highly breathable and thermo-regulating while staying far fresher than synthetic alternatives.

Combined with super-absorbent silica for even greater wicking properties, our Merino + Carbon fabric pulls moisture away from the wearer ten times more efficiently than untreated wool while drying twice as fast.

Keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature and providing anti-blister qualities far exceeding those offered by other materials, there’s no reason not to stuff your sock draw full and enjoy them every day.

Support all over

Employing a hand-linked seam for greater comfort, the production of our Merino socks sees a craftsperson join every stitch to enclose their toe box. Removing the raised seam that can cause irritation on mass-produced items, ashmei’s socks also feature a Terry looped ankle and underside to provide additional cushioning. Reinforced by carbon strands in the heel and toe box, the result is a sock that’s soft on your feet while remaining exceedingly durable.

However, despite this clever tailoring, our socks wear their technical qualities lightly. Sitting in opposition to the brash styles favoured by many other designers, each is available in carefully chosen shades of moss, black, navy, and sky.

Complementing the rest of our garments, or sitting prettily beside any number of different outfits, they’re available in ankle-length and longer six-inch versions tailored to running and cycling. At the same time, for those wanting to refresh their sock draw in one go, they’re also available bundled in multiples of four ankle-length or three six-inch socks.

Ankle Merino Sock

ashmei Signature Merino Socks