Don't forget about your accessories

Three items that should always be waiting to help tailor your outfit to the prevailing conditions are a hat, gloves, and armwarmers. Covering areas where the chill first sets in, these simple accessories can make lighter weight clothing functional through spring and autumn, or reinforce your winter wardrobe on really cold days. Every bit as important as bigger ticket purchases, it’s why we pour just as much consideration into them as we do every other piece. 

Exploring in winter requires balance, both when navigating slippery streets or trails, and when deciding what equipment you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable. The rapid speed with which you warm-up when exercising outdoors combined with changes in conditions means it pays to be adaptable. A hat, gloves and armwarmers all have the advantage of being easily carried. Allowing you the option to adjust as you go, each also provides a degree of insulation out of proportion to its portable size.


The first item we reach for as the temperature dips, given the large surface area and sensitivity of your hands, pulling on a pair of gloves has a significant effect on how warm you’ll feel while outdoors. Leaving the rest of your body free to breathe as normal, this makes them ideal for athletic use when paired with a lighter top. They’re also easy to carry. As the season progresses and temperatures dip lower, obviously they’ll also work well with a jacket. And should you find yourself overheating, they can always be stashed in a back pocket - a useful feature when adjusting the warmth of your jacket itself is less easy.  

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One of the few parts of the body that doesn’t work too hard when out exploring, your arms are especially susceptible to windchill. Meaning that protecting them has a surprisingly large effect on overall body temperature, armwarmers are a versatile way of covering yours, especially if you’re unsure of the conditions. Kept on for the duration or removed once you’ve hit a comfortable working temperature, their small size makes them easy to carry. Ensuring you remain warm, happy, and flexible, they’re also a cheaper and more versatile alternative to purchasing multiple long and short sleeve tops.

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The degree to which our head is protected has a major role to play in how we perceive the conditions around us. From the injustice of suffering an ice cream headache without the ice cream to having your ears nipped at by the cold wind, it’s hard to present your best face to the world when squinting at it from the cold. A warm hat will cover both these crucial areas while providing added insulation. Made of Merino, our classic rib-knit beanie is luxuriously soft. Providing a touch of gentleness to offset hard conditions, it’s sure to come in useful for endeavours athletic and otherwise.

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