Fair Pricing Year Round

For us at ashmei, we are not focused on filling out our range at different pricepoints or levels of performance. The balance that drives us is between performance and sustainability - how can we provide you with the finest sportswear without causing an impact on the environments that you use it in.

It’s not just about the materials we use, it’s also about the designing products with longevity of both style and performance.

We don’t want you to buy ashmei gear that you don’t need - we don’t get involved in Black Friday or any events that feed over-consumerism. We spend too much time obsessing over these products to encourage a throwaway mentality.


When we have old styles, returns or a minimal sizes left over, we may offer discounts on our products and we will certainly reward our loyal customers. But the surges in consumption from businesses that rely on sales leads to waste that creates lasting damage for the environment - from the heightened diesel emissions of delivery vehicles to the plastic that goes into landfills or is incinerated.

As a socially responsible and sustainable brand, this goes against our principles. We’d rather get away from screens, enjoy some exercise in the kit that we’ve already got, safe in the knowledge that it will continue to help us be at our best kilometre after kilometre. 

We are committed to fair pricing year round, based on using the finest and most sustainable materials from suppliers operating at the highest standards of quality and ethics. We believe in performance and quality at a consistent price and if you have any questions about our pricing then we’ll be happy to explain our sourcing philosophy and what you are paying for.