Gloves: The ashmei System 

Our simple-looking glove system includes a wealth of clever design. Comprising two distinct gloves that can be used alone or combined as conditions dictate, it’s a pairing able to deal with everything from mildly chilly right down to below freezing.

Bringing together our Windproof and Merino gloves, for maximum versatility each possesses distinct characteristics and can be worn separately. Allowing them to cover a huge range of conditions, in the most extreme of these, adding the two together will create a pairing able to outperform conventional heavy winter gloves despite being far thinner.

Allowing for greater dexterity and increased room in which to trap warm air, the result is a system in which your hands are kept warm yet left free to move without restriction.


Merino wool is naturally superb at providing insulation and breathability. Keeping the heat generated by your body close to the skin, this makes our Merino Gloves ideal for running in multiple conditions or cycling on milder days. Thanks to Merino’s natural tendency to remain fresh, they can also be worn multiple times between washes.

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As the weather gets colder or you expect to suffer from increased windchill, our windproof gloves employ an impregnable barrier to seal heat around your hands. With a soft brushed interior, this provides a degree of native insulation while also preventing the outer face coming directly into contact with your skin.

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When needed the two can also fit seamlessly together, with each model reinforcing the qualities of the other. Protected by a more resistant outer shell, the insulating properties of the Merino Gloves become more pronounced, as does the ability of their material to wick away sweat. At the same time, the temperature range at which the Windproof Glove remains comfortable will be drastically increased, as is its ability to deal with wet conditions.

Both designed to be as thin and ergonomic as possible, not only is dexterity retained, but the protection offered by the amalgamation of ashmei’s Merino and Windproof gloves outstrips that of bulkier alternatives. Doing away with the need for expensive and seldom used deep winter gloves, it’s a strategy that’ll allow you to derive the maximum year-round benefit from each item.

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