Merino gloves are better

With a huge surface area, on chilly days your hands give away warmth at an alarming rate. Stopping the wind from nipping at the surface of yours, our Merino gloves are a cold-weather staple. Covering conditions from mild spring and autumn days down to freezing winter evenings, they’re breathable enough to work across a range of effort levels and easily small enough to stash about your person. Acting as a simple way to boost the insulation value of an otherwise minimalist outfit, or as insurance against changing conditions, they’re the sort of item you’ll find yourself calling on time and time again. 

ashmei Merino gloves are better

Our Merino Gloves do several things above and beyond what you might expect of so seemingly simple a piece of kit. Like your body in miniature, keeping the space around your hands warm and free from sweat is a great first step towards creating a happy runner. We achieve this by employing the same signature Merino wool fabric found on our larger items of clothing. Imparting the same unsurpassed wicking and breathability, its softness and insulation value is further enhanced by a terry looped interior surface for extra comfort and warmth. 

Merino gloves

Thanks to the natural properties of Merino, our gloves are also able to stay fresh despite repeated use, meaning you’ll find the need to wash our Merino Gloves is also greatly reduced. 

Cut so as not to restrict the movement of your hands, they feature a long cuff to bridge any gap between jacket and glove, along with loops designed to help pull them on or aid in their storage. Complemented by silicon grippers allowing you to keep a firm hold on your phone or handlebars, their index finger and thumb are touch-sensitive for use with digital devices. 

Designed to function perfectly on their own, they can also be paired with our more substantial Windproof Gloves to provide additional insulation in the coldest conditions. 

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