The Maaree x ashmei cycling sports bra

For women, a comfortable and supportive sports bra is a prerequisite for enjoyable exercise. Yet despite training as a sports engineer before working as a specialist bra tester, Mari Thomas still couldn't find one that worked. It's why she created Maaree, to tailor perfect sports bras for active women. Meaning they won't have to go to such lengths to locate the correct fit or design, she's recently helped us create our new ashmei x Maaree bra.

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Maaree x ashmei sports bra

Finally allowing ashmei to say we support riders from head to toe, it's our most important launch this year. However, the need to correct an omission in our range wasn't the only driver behind our collaboration. Instead, Maaree and ashmei share an obsession with performance and sustainability that made working together a natural fit.

Supporting riders

The ashmei x Maaree bra is designed specifically for cyclists. As Mari spelt out during the design process, you'll never find one bra that suits every sport. It's why our medium impact design aims to strike the perfect balance between comfort and support when on the bike. Allowing for freedom of movement and unimpeded breathing, at the same time, each provides enough support to ensure that unwanted motion never detracts from your riding.

Key to this is Maaree's exclusive Overband design. This uses stiffened fabrics to create a curved structure above the breasts to support boobs from above and below. Distributing pressure evenly, it also creates a pleasing silhouette. Allowing for unhindered athletic enjoyment, the result is a bra that's equally useful for activities including circuit training and pilates.

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Caring for the environment

While the wearer’s happiness forms the starting point of every Maaree product, each is created with attention to the needs of the environment too. One way Maaree manages this is by employing Econyl regenerated nylon. Gathered from material saved from landfill or picked from the oceans, clever reprocessing then converts this waste into the incredibly soft yet hardwearing fabric that makes up the majority of each bra.

Instituted during lockdown, Maaree also continues to offer a unique online fitting service. Cutting out unnecessary travel yet letting you benefit from the expertise of the bra's designer in selecting the proper sizing, it's a more enjoyable and efficient way to find the perfect cycling sports bra. You can learn more about the scheme here.

Shop the ashmei x Maaree Cycling Sports Bra