A look at what sets ashmei’s tights and ¾ length shorts ahead of the competition 

Superlative fabric 

The starting point for any ashmei product is always its most fundamental element. In the case of our tights, this is the fibres that go into making our bespoke Thermal Merino fabric. Composed of 65% Merino wool, and with a brushed interior for incredible warmth and comfort, this is backed by a high degree of elastane for a compressive fit. Knitted together specifically to keep out wind and rain, it’s nevertheless incredibly breathable, allowing our tights to maintain a stable and comfortable environment around the rider. 

PFC-free water-resistance

Further enhancing the hydrophobic exterior of our tights, ashmei treats them to create a durable PFC-free water-resistant finish. Causing light showers to roll off the fabric’s surface, this massively increases the time it takes for it to wet through. If the weather does eventually make its way in, the presence of this water repellent treatment will also help drive it away from your legs. Making our tights less inclined to hold onto either rain or sweat, this cuts significantly the time they take to dry out. 

A Compressive fit

Stretchy elastane is more expensive than cheaper synthetic fibres. However, as it imparts the ability to stretch and rebound, ashmei doesn’t scrimp on its inclusion. Providing a durable and structured fit to our Merino fabric, it’s what gives our tights their above-average levels of compression. Creating an attractive fit, it also cuts down the extra features needed to ensure the garment sit correctly. At the same time, it allows our tights to support your muscles, helping reduce fatigue and improving blood flow. 

Core protection

ashmei’s bibs don’t just look after your legs. Their extended upper section is made of the same Merino + Carbon fabric found on our highly regarded jerseys and baselayers. Providing exactly the same qualities in terms of insulation and breathability, its inclusion means you won’t need to add excessive layers on cold days. At the same time, being built into the tights, it achieves this without unnecessary bulk.

High-density padding 

Designed for long stints in the saddle, our high-density foam chamois avoids putting unnecessary pressure on soft areas. Stripped back to a minimum of different parts, a more pliant outer layer provides for first-kilometre comfort without any risk of bunching. Breathable and fast-drying, it’s a deign that remains comfortable whether you’re pushing intensity, distance, or both. 

Soft shoulder straps 

Our structured shoulder straps are extra-wide to prevent unwanted pressure. Extremely flexible for improved freedom of movement, they won’t keep you hunched over when off the bike. At the same time, their one-way stretch allows for a flush fit while their material is knitted for optimum softness and comfort

Finishing touches 

Removing potential sources of irritation, our tights are laser finished. Meaning comfort and fit are maintained down to the last centimetre, their stretchy fabric means they don’t require a zip on the ankle either. Signed off with reflective detailing for safety, this is ideally located to catch the light as you pedal.