ashmei tights: keep yourself covered while the weather catches up

The trickiest season to predict, spring pulls riders and clothing in conflicting directions. With snow not yet off the cards, it’s also not uncommon to experience clear skies and double-digit temperatures. Occasionally arriving jumbled together in a single day, although spring has surprisingly little rainfall when combined with lower temperatures it can be especially biting when it does drop.

All these things make spring a tricky season to dress for. If winter involves pressing as much of your wardrobe into service as possible, and summer sees you attempting to leave as much on the rail as you can, spring requires a more considered approach. 

This means availing yourself of clothing capable of remaining comfortable across a wide spectrum of temperatures and conditions. Secondly, it means taking care to avoid being underprepared in what you’re wearing. 

In this respect ashmei’s range of Merino-based tights and ¾ length shorts is ideal. Created from our soft and versatile Thermal Merino fabric, this natural material has superb thermoregulating qualities. 

Allowing it to provide significant insulation and windproofing, it’s simultaneously breathable enough to stay comfortable once temperatures pick up. Further backed by a high-degree of elastane and a PFC-free durable water-resistant treatment, our tights can navigate everything from cold starts to warm afternoons without breaking a sweat. 

How to choose the perfect bottoms for spring 

Letting you cover your knees and lower legs without the risk of overheating, our Merino tights provide a wider window of usefulness than those made from conventional materials. Making them an obvious choice for spring, ashmei’s ¾ length shorts are also useable well into early summer. Keeping you spinning happily until the weather forecast settles on warm and sunny, here are three options to consider. 

Men’s Padded Thermal Merino Bib Tights 

The go-to choice when you need protection from more than just the road. Our full-length Padded Thermal Merino Bib Tights employ a bespoke high-density chamois along with our wool-rich Merino fabric. Capable of shrugging off showers, they’re equally able to retain heat when needed. At the same time, the innate breathability of their natural wool fabric allows them to remain fresh and comfortable in warmer conditions too. 

Unisex Merino Thermal Bib Tights (No Pad) 

Ashmei’s throw-over option lets you add insulation to your existing bib shorts. Wearable multiple times before needing to be washed, they include all the features of our padded tights minus the chamois. Compressive enough to support hardworking muscles, their soft and warm merino fabric is easily capable of resisting wet days yet wicks efficiently enough to suit hotter weather as well. 

Men’s Padded Thermal Merino 3/4 Bib Shorts 

The shortest option to employ our Thermal Merino fabric, ashmei’s ¾ length bib shorts are a practical choice well into early summer. Providing coverage for sensitive areas while also insulating your quads and knees, both their reduced length and thermoregulating material leave them unlikely to overheat. Keeping your legs turning smoothly, they’re equally ideal for high-intensity rides in colder conditions.