How Merino makes for perfectly balanced winter running

Designing for winter can be as challenging as running through it. Colder temperatures and the need to keep active bodies comfortable in changeable conditions mean breathability, wicking, and insulation are more crucial than ever. 

Luckily ashmei can call on millennia of experience to offer a solution. Merino wool is a natural fibre shaped by millions of years of evolution, with every rainy day its creators have spent on the hillside helping shape its incredible properties. Sourced from ethical Woolmark-certified producers in Australia, the result is a fibre perfectly adapted to provide warmth and moisture management across a range of circumstances. Outstripping any petrochemical based alternative, it’s also far more sustainable, being both renewable and biodegradable. 

Incredibly comfortable against the skin, its properties are called on extensively across ashmei’s range of winter running clothing. However, given our background in fabric technology, we weren’t going to leave everything to the sheep. 

Despite the inherent qualities of Merino, we’ve been determined to push its use further. To this end, we’ve developed Merino into performance-focused sport-specific fibres and materials, such as our Thermal Merino and Merino + Carbon fabrics. 

Allowing wearers to get the benefits of Merino, plus greater flexibility, easier washing, and enhanced moisture and temperature regulation, its use is key to accomplishing our goal of creating sustainable performance clothing. 


If you want to get ahead in the cold, our double-layer 100% Merino Beanie will stave off brain freeze. Light and soft but with incredible insulating properties, its wool construction ensures it’s superbly breathable too. Biodegradable, thanks to the inherent properties of its fibres, you can also wear it a huge number of times before it’ll require washing - good news for both your electricity bill and the planet. 


One of our most design-intensive pieces. Our Running Softshell has to excel at multiple tasks simultaneously. With high capacity waterproofing across the front, Merino-blend back panels provide flexibility and venting along with insulation and thermoregulation. Matching the best of man-made and natural materials, the result is a jacket that’s able to perform across a huge range of conditions, from tepid and drizzly to cold and dry. 


A simple accessory for sealing away bits of your head you want protected from the elements. Closing the gap between your collar and your neck, this soft and flexible gaiter uses our high-performance Merino + Carbon fabric to keep out the cold. Also able to be worn over your head and ears to stop them being nipped at, for really frigid days it can also cover nose and mouth to stop the cold air hitting your lungs too aggressively. Thanks to the natural odour management properties of Merino, not only is it superbly comfortable, but it can be worn multiple times between washes. 


Keep your legs warm, happy and supple by insulating them with Merino. From our lighter Women’s High Waist Leggings to our Unisex Merino Thermal Bib Tights, wool forms the perfect material next to your skin. An example of the extra benefits ashmei’s design expertise can bring to a well-established material, our Merino Thermal Bib Tights feature a PFC-free water-resistant finish to help them shed water and stay dry. With a close-knit weave that offers excellent wind protection, their semi-compressive fit hugs close to the wearer for enhanced support and security.