Simple care for your Merino clothing 

Merino wool helps us make exceptional performance sports clothing. This clothing is also very easy to care for. Not only does wool require less regular washing than synthetic alternatives, but its natural resistance to odours and staining keep it looking and feeling fresh for longer. 

General Care Instructions

Read the label

Care instructions vary from garment to garment. Check the label for the maximum washing temperature along with other information on its care. 

Dry naturally

Our Merino products shouldn’t be tumble dried. Instead, dry somewhere away from direct heat or strong sunlight.

Avoid bleaching or dry cleaning

Sheep don’t require either and as a natural fibre, wool is unlikely to need (or appreciate) these two processes. 

Wash inside out

To preserve the look of your items, turn them inside out before laundering. This will help protect the exterior face of the garment.  

Keep colours separate

To prevent colours from bleeding, separate dark and light items before laundering and anytime they’re wet. 


Contact with the air will freshen your clothes between washes. Either lay them flat on a towel for an hour or hang in the fresh air.

Raceday best

Wool garments normally look sharp without recourse to an iron. Instead, hang them in a bathroom and let the steam remove their wrinkles.


Knitted items keep their shape better if folded away rather than hung on a hanger. For this reason, it’s also best to remove any items from their pockets.  

Long-term storage

Grubby clothes attract moths. For off-season storage ensure your Merino garment is clean before packing it away in an airtight bag or container.