The ashmei Guide to Layering

If you are going to tackle bad weather head-on, then layering up is your best option. Here is ashmei's guide to surviving the off-season.
Keeping your core warm is the only way to ensure the rest of your body follows suit. Step 1 of effective layering starts next to the skin. Our staple baselayers are specially designed to offer a balance between efficient sweat-wicking - keeping you dry and warm - with the impeccable thermal properties provided by the Merino + Carbon blend to insulate and protect. Best of all, our trademark fabric is soft-touch and anti-smell, so it will go day after day, even without a wash. Perfect on a ride, run or even on the commute.
If you’re venturing out in temperatures under 10 degrees and in dry weather, your next layer should be a mid-layer. Our versatile Merino options are flexible and hard-working, as effective during intense exercise as they are in more sedate sessions. Layer up with a hoodie, zipped top or cycle jersey to keep you comfortable even as the mercury drops. Merino + Carbon offers class-leading breathability, so you’ll see no drop off in performance as the layers build up.

For those adventurers undeterred by any weather, an outer layer is what will transform an otherwise unpleasant excursion. As the temperature falls, add in a softshell - designed for maximum warmth with minimum bulk - and treated with DWR to shed excess water. But if the weather is simply not in your favour or looks a little uncertain, then our packable rain and wind jackets are an exceptional lifeline. Weighing less than a banana, our shells pack up small but offer class-leading performance, all in the palm of your hand.

An outer layer needn’t be just for deep winter and washout days either. Paired with a baselayer only, our breathable jackets excel at tackling the midseason. Wind resistant fabrics and DWR treatments ensure you’re never caught out, while 4-way stretch fabric guarantees a good fit, no matter what you’ve got on below.

So, that's it. We've given you all the knowledge you need to make sure that you're prepared for everything the elements may throw at you. But knowledge is one thing, having the kit in your wardrobe is another. If you were reading the above thinking 'Oh no, I haven't got that', don't worry. Our collection has everything you need. It's time to go and explore it.