Recycled. Reused. Rooted in the hills

As a waypost, destination or just a view, the icons of the landscape are often what give our outdoor pursuits meaning. In a world of accelerating change, there are some things that we want to sustain. Our Landmark jersey pays tribute to the hills that we play in and is constructed in a way that we can be proud of.

The jersey, available in men’s and women’s styles, is lightweight and highly breathable, with excellent wicking properties. Laser cut cuffs provide the wearer with seamless comfort - quite literally.

We’re re-using zips, bindings and grippers and fabric that was left over from previous collections. That means we’ve been able to produce this collection without manufacturing new materials further reducing environmental impact.

As well as being ‘re-used’, the material of the jersey is as performance-focused as ever and is also constructed from 100% recycled fabric. Visit our materials page to find out more about the process and why we have selected this fabric. 

Cutting edge moisture management technology keeps the wearer cool and allows them to get the most out of every ride. SPF 50+ sun protection means they won’t have to worry about getting burnt on even the longest, hottest day in the saddle.

The design of the jersey is inspired by the reason that many of us get out there - rolling terrain and spectacular views. Local to our base, officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1965 The Chilterns is a popular playground containing some of the finest landscapes in the country.

The tonal design of the jersey represents this particular landscape in a universal way. Details of the design include subtle depictions of local landmarks, signifying our appreciation of the landscapes that inspire us every day.